Carex Knee Pillow with Memory Foam


The Carex Knee Pillow is a great solution for a restful sleep of patients with joint problems. The knee-elevating pillow is ergonomically designed to relieve pressure from hip and lower limb joints. It has been highly rated by patients who have had difficulties sleeping after a joint or hip operation, and it is helping patients eliminate lower back pain. When the pressure is removed from the aching part, a better and more healthy sleeping position is achieved, making sure that pains and aches will not disturb a good night’s sleep.

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The memory foam knee pillow is designed to stay in place and provide the maximum support for the knee without adding more pressure to the rest of the body. It is also taking on the shape fast, so patients are able to enjoy comfort almost immediately. Knee pain is something people experience after a certain age, or because of injuries. The comfortable knee pillow does not only relieve the pressure on the knee joint, but also supports the weight of the leg in a way that it is not going to feel the pressure created by the memory foam filling.

The Carex® Knee Pillow is also durable and offers a long-term solution. It is a great alternative to sleeping pills and painkillers, and you will wake up more relaxed after using it. The width of the memory foam knee pillow is designed to provide support for wider people as well, and the cover is fully hypoallergenic. The cover of the pillow can be removed and washed any time, and the zip fittings offer an easy solution to patients. It is also lightweight enough to be placed in the bed and removed by people with mobility problems. If you are looking for a long-term relief from back or joint pain, the Carex® Knee Pillow is the ultimate solution.

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Weight 1.79 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in
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Comfortable sleeping position with a memory foam knee pillow

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Ergonomically designed
Ideal sleeping position
Great for hip replacement patients
Hypoallergenic cover
Washable covers



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Specifications: 8"H x 7.75"W x 10.5"D






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