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In a waterless environment or a situation not serviced by adequate plumbing a lack of toilet facilities or sewer management are major issues, both in terms of hygiene and practicality. We have seen more and more of these in the recent past with Natural Disasters. Thanks to unique GelMax technology the CareBag Toilet Liner provides a portable and effective solution.  The Toilet Bowl Liner will fit over most non-standard commode pails. Second: it may be use to convert a regular toilet into a dry toilet. Great for home, while traveling or in health institutions.

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The CareBag Toilet Liner solves the issues disposal of waste material and odour and decay management. If required it can provide a substitute toilet facility where none exists. It also maintains personal dignity with an easy, safe and practical solution.

With a host of applicable uses, the Toilet Liner is suitable for use on boats by yachtsmen and fisherman, by the armed forces in field setting and charity projects where plumbing is still being constructed.  Thanks to its all purpose shaping the CareBag Toilet Liner can be used to create a toilet receptacle where one doesn’t exist (use with a pail or bowl) or it can be used in healthcare institutions to protect basins and medical receptacles. It is an efficacious solution to reduce risk of nosocomial disease in oncology, emergency room, maternity, radiology, isolation rooms and the operating theater.

By using over existing toilet devices, any sewage and water management problems are avoided.  There is no requirement for heavy equipment and the costs associated with it nor for personnel to be involved in waste disposal duties.

Hygiene issues are managed even when facilities are used by large numbers as the CareBag Toilet Liner saves the lavatory basin from being soiled.

The environment is protected as the Toilet Liner is a no trace, no contamination and no deterioration solution.

The CareBag Toilet Liner is a hermetic bag fitted with a GelMax super-absorbent gel pad.  The patented gel contains agents that solidify urine and solid waste on contact in just a few seconds. Each liner can solidify up to 500ml of organic liquids.

After use the liner is closed with drawstrings which eliminates spills and splashes and also retains odors.  All CareBags products are fully oxy-biodegradable so they can be disposed of with any normal waste. For the toilet liner, order number C9538534, and C9538534CS for the case.

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Dry toilets with the CareBag Toilet Liner. Good for Emergencies and Natural Disasters

Bullet Points

Hygienic toilet facilities in waterless situations
Patented super-absorbent gel technology
Eliminates need to touch feces and urine
Drawstring closure eliminates odors
Time saving
Budget friendly
Can be used with any bariatric and/or elongated bedside commodes
20 Bags to a Pack, and 18 Packs to a Case (360 bags to a Case)

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C9538534, C9538534CS


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