Brava Skin Barrier Sting Free by Coloplast


A Skin Barrier provides an extra layer of protection to delicate or frail skin when using a Male External Catheter.  Available in a 30 Count Box of Moist Towelettes, or in a 1.7 oz Spray Bottle. 



The Brava Sting Free Skin Barrier contains no alcohol.  It is designed for men to use when the adhesive on a Male External Catheter (“condom catheter”) is too strong.  Some men have difficulty removing the catheter because the adhesive is binding to the skin and is too aggressive.  A skin barrier applied to the skin creates an invisible layer of “fake skin”.

Using the towelette or the spray bottle, the skin barrier is applied to the area where the condom adhesive comes into contact with the shaft of the penis.  Apply, then let it air dry for a few seconds, repeat the application again, let it dry, and apply a third time if necessary.  Once dried, the skin will now feel a little tacky. A fake layer of skin has been created.

Now, when the catheter is rolled onto the penis, the adhesive inside the sheath is adhering to the invisible barrier instead of adhering directly to the skin.  This allows the catheter to be removed without pulling on the skin of the user.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in




Manufacturer SKU

120205, 120215


Sting Free Protection from Agressive Tapes and Adhesives

Bullet Points

Dries in just a few seconds
Silicone Based (Sting-Free)
Contains no Latex
Available in Spray Bottle and Wipes


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