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If you like camping, visiting remote areas, or like to travel and want the comfort of having a bidet to use you might have already come across some problems when it comes to finding one.

We have more personal hygiene products for camping, like the sanitizer for human waste CHEMISAN and the unisex portable urinal URIWELL!

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Palm Portable Bidet

Is the lightweight and small portable handheld bidet that is able to provide hygienic comforts when out camping or when away from home.

Travel Bidet

The Little John

The Little John Portable Urinal receptacle for travel, camping, or outdoor sports. This hand held latrine is a great product for dealing with incontinence and all types of emergencies

Little John Portable Urinal

This hand-held bidet was originally developed for trekkers and people visiting remote areas. The 225 ml capacity is enough to last for an application, and there is no need to carry toilet paper. On the other hand, you can’t run out of the travel bidet, like toilet paper. Just add water to the device and the specifically designed nozzle will produce just the right spray strength and wetness. It is not only suitable in tropical countries, and there is no need to dry.
You can use this portable personal hygiene system in traditional toilets, where toilet paper is not available, in the nature, and it will allow you to avoid leaving any trace. You will not even notice the wetness at all, but will keep hygienically clean even when walking dozens of miles a day.
The reversible tube/nozzle will allow you to carry the bottle hygienically and safely, without any spillage in your backpack. The empty hand-held bidet weighs only 32 grams and when it is filled, it is 270 grams, offering a lightweight solution for trekkers. You can also avoid any contamination, and the sturdy plastic material of the bottle will be extremely easy to clean.

For a gentle and more hygienic solution use a portable travel bidet. You won’t need to carrying multiple rolls of toilet papers in your backpack. You can also save money with the portable bidet, as it is more cost-effective than the majority of wipes and sanitizing products.

Additional information

Weight 0.25 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in

Directions for use: It takes Experience to get best results!  Practice at home and with a little patience you'll quickly feel like an expert. 

Fill the bottle with clean warm water.  A full bottle should be more than enough for one cleaning.
Keep in mind that your actual target is a very small area.  Squeeze the bottle hard, hit the target with nearly all of the water, then finish with a quick rinse of the close periphery.
No part of the nozzle or tube should come into contact with your body.  When the water is sprayed at an angle without contact, and not directly under the target, the bidet will typically remain clean.
For use with a conventional toilet: stay seated, keep your position, and approach from the front.  Position the nozzle between and under your legs, and slightly in front of the target – not directly under.  Squeeze the bottle hard and spray at an angle.  When finished, if desired, check your results and pat yourself dry using a small quantity of toilet paper (note: low quality toilet paper will break up when damp).
For outdoor use: approach from the front or back.  There is generally no need to dry yourself off.  The spray area is very small; if you're active you won't notice the small amount of wetness.
For convenient transport or storage invert the clean tube/nozzle into the bottle.
Always keep the bidet clean.  Use warm water with soap or detergent.

Boulder Bidet (pronounced bee-day) is only for personal and external use. Caution: Use only cool to warm clean water in the bidet.  Never use hot water.

Product Specifications

Specifications: Dry wt                   1.1 oz  (32 grams) Filled wt                 9.5 oz  (270 grams) Capacity                8oz,   (approx 250 ml) Max diameter         2.3" (60mm) Cap on height         11"  (280 mm) Tube in Bottle ht      6.25" (160 mm) Bottle has a measuring scale marked in fluid oz, cc, and mL For comparison:  1/2 roll of Toilet Paper is around 2.8 oz (80 grams)

Bullet Points

No need to carry rolls of toilet paper
Suitable for trekking
No drying needed
Ideal spray force
Complies with the “Leave no trace” policies
Made in the USA




Small light weight bidet for travel and personal hygiene needs

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2 reviews for Boulder Bidet Hand Held Travel Portable Bidet

  1. MJ

    Plan to use at work and home and when wilderness camping.

  2. Kev

    This little bidet works great. I have a bidet toilet seat at home, and hate to use the restroom anywhere else. I bought one of these to have at work. Keep it in my desk drawer.

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