Blooming Bidet Toilet Seat


The Blooming Bidet is a stylish bidet seat that will compliment any bathroom.  Goes beyond helping keep good hygiene for the whole family.



Blooming has made a bidet toilet seat that exceeds standards.  The control panel, or remote control has easy to understand functions, and simple to use.  Cleaning has four different settings to accommodate everyone’s hygiene needs.  Posterior cleaning, feminine wash, massage that helps circulate blood, and movement that makes wide cleaning.  The Blooming Bidet even addresses safety.  A thermal protector cuts off if it overheats.  A seat sensor allows the seat to work only when someone is setted on it.  And it even lights up at night to act as a nightlight.  The Blooming bidet is only available in the color White with or without a Remote Control.  Fits one and two piece toilets with a elongated or round option.

Additional information

Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in
Product Specifications






Bullet Points

LED Night Light
Specially coated Anti-microbial nozzle
Self Cleaning nozzle
Heated Seat
Warm Air Dryer
Quick release for cleaning
With or without remote control

Manufacturer SKU

NB-R1060, NB-1160


Designed to fit one and two piece toilets


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