Biffy Classic Bidet Attachment


logo_1457638097_09961_1458143601__67131The American Biffy Company has designed a classic bidet attachment to turn any toilet into a toilet-bidet hybrid. The installation is simple and no special plumbing or extra electricity is required. Just slap the Biffy Bidet Attachment to the side of your toilet and its ready to go.  Take your Biffy to a new level with a Bidet Warmer

  • fits onto any toilet
  • self cleaning design
  • simple installation
  • proved to remove 99.8% of bacteria
  • one year warranty
  • adjust spray pressure to desired amount


The American Biffy Company provides users with one of the best bidet attachments on the market through their Classic Bidet Attachment. Not only economically cheaper than a standard bidet or seat bidet, but this attachment also features a patented spray nozzle that cleans better than the competitors. The Biffy Bidet Attachment also offers users customizable specs such as the spray pressure and nozzle positioning. Both are easy to manipulate without much effort.

The attachment is easy to use. When ready, simply move the spray nozzle arm by adjusting the lever on the outside of the toilet. Place the nozzle in the desired position and then engage the spray nozzle. The spray nozzle is contained in a hygienic compartment to maintain its sanitary appeal. In addition, it is made of poly-carbonate material and is very durable. Including its one year warranty, Biffy Company also offers a 15 Day Money Back Guarantee if you shouldn’t be satisfied with it.

Another great feature about the Biffy Bidet Attachment is the easy installation. In three simple steps, almost anyone can have the attachment in place and ready to use. Simply remove the toilet seat, place the attachment on the side of the toilet and then put the seat back on. Finally, connect the attachment with the water supply. The simplicity of the attachment gives ease to all users including ones who may not be as capable with other designs.

Warm water can also be added as a feature to the bidet attachment. Warmers can either be ambient or electrical.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 12 in


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