Auto Flush for Toilet Tank


Auto Flush Toilet Tank reliably ensures that toilets will always be presentable and clean smelling by automatically flushing when the wireless sensor detects movement.

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Uriwell Unisex Portable Urinal

The design allows for flexibility, it’s easy to use and it collapses to a compact size for easy storage. The Uriwell portable urinal has a maximum capacity of 750cc, each coil can hold 30cc if you need to track urine output.

Uriwell unisex personal toilet portable urinal available at BioRelief - expandable design with durable and safe material

Toilet Bidet Attachment

Now you can get all the benefits of a stand alone bidet that could cost you hundreds to buy and more to install with our lightweight chrome attachment.

Auto Flush for Toilet Tank uses a wireless sensor and dry cam gear technology to automatically flush toilets helping to eliminate unpleasant odors, the risk of cross contamination and the need for costly replacement of toilet parts such as handles and the associated mechanical parts behind them.

Suitable for most styles of tanks or cisterns, the compact motor can be quickly and easily installed within the tank. Its ADA compliance eliminates the need for additional plumbing supplies.

The wireless sensor is installed directly behind the restroom patron, ensuring touch free activation of the auto flush even if the seat is raised. Operation can be set to activate the flushing process on detection of an object, either immediately, after a delay, or to respond to a wave only.

This makes it possible even for children or elderly individuals to effectively and safely flush toilets after every use.

It is also possible to pre-program a daily flush to prevent the escape of sewer gas caused by dry traps within unused fixtures. This is especially useful in hot and dry periods when gasses are prone to cause problems.

Auto Flush® Tank is a cost-effective, low maintenance appliance that can be used in high traffic and public restrooms alike to keep patrons safe from picking up or spreading germs by touching handles.

While ensuring that toilets are always clean, free from odors and generally much more presentable and user friendly, they provide peace of mind that users are kept safe from disease.

Expensive toilet repairs caused by faulty out-dated solenoids and extensive searches for suitable toilet parts are a thing of the past with Auto Flush® Tank. It is quick and easy to install and the only maintenance required consists of changing the batteries once every three years.

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Weight 3.5 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in



Technical Concepts

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Bullet Points

Ultra Compact
Fits most Tanks and uses less Water
Touch Free Flushing eliminates Cross contamination
Cam Gear Dry Technology eliminates costly Toilet Repairs
3+ Years of Battery Life (equivalent to 100, 000 Flushes)
ADA compliant


The Rubbermaid touch free system to keep high traffic restrooms clean and presentable.

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  1. Tony

    My grandad uses a wheelchair. He must have a family member flush the toilet for him EVERY TIME.

    My sister provided a AutoFlush Tank as a family Christmas present last year.

    It works

    ! My grandad has his dignity back.

    AutoFlush Tank good for my family

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