Attends Guards for Men – Unisize (64ct) Light Urinary Incontinence


The Attends Guards for Men® offers more protection for light to moderate bladder control problems, due to surgery. It is a universal product, giving more flexibility and discretion than pull up briefs. The absorbent pads for incontinence can be fitted in briefs or boxers, and absorb liquid quickly, eliminating odors. Many patients who are suffering from moderate incontinence are enjoying the secure protection offered by the close fitting pads for men.



Living with urinal incontinence after surgery might cause the patient to stop socializing and feel distressed. Now with the Attends Guards for Men ® sufferers are able to live a full life, and control odors. The discrete form-fitting design and high absorbency of the product makes sure that the incontinence will not be noticeable and underwear will be protected. Instead of buying adult undergarments or briefs, users are able to move freely while protecting clothing.

Small drips can still come with unpleasant odors, and thanks to these pads it is possible to fully eliminate them. Living a social life without having to worry about the drips. The fast acting Hygard polymer absorbs fluids fast, and keeps the skin free from the source of irritation. The super adhesive tape also makes sure that the pads can be securely fitted to underwear.

The Attends Guards for Men is available in a one size fits all. The close fitting pads can eliminate the risks of odors, dripping, and provide protection for mild to moderate urine loss. The absorbent pads come in a 64 count case, and provide more comfort than most male incontinence products. They are recommended by many caregivers and health professionals.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in

Form-fitting shape provides superior comfort and fit.

Bullet Points

Moderate to light absorbency
Anatomical Fitting
Cloth like outer cover
Unisize (one size fits all)

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Attends Healthcare






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