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As much as we all like to travel and enjoy the outdoors, there is a serious side to it all and that’s keeping safe whether at home, work or play.  Should an accident happen, you could be miles from the nearest aid. The Adventure Medical Kit Professional Series Suture Syringe Kit contains hospital-quality field surgical instruments that can be carried with you to provide peace of mind should the unfortunate happen.

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The AMK Professional Series Suture and Syringe Kit provides the resources to close wounds, apply bandages, inject medications and administer I.V. if required;  essential when traveling anywhere where medical facilities and sterile components can be limited.

Many camping sites offer a wide variety of activities – fishing, canoeing and walking for example. While these are all fun and exciting activities, it only takes one slip and you could be in serious trouble, or a family member or friend who may be with you.

But it’s not just for camping. This Suture Kit can be ideally used in situations such as at a base camp in remote areas or on extended trips to Developing countries, basically wherever there is a need for a high quality medical kit that is quickly available and deployable, this Kit will do the job.

Weighing in at only 15 oz and with dimensions of 10” x 5.5” x 3”, it’s extremely portable and is just as handy as a home medical kit as for travel purposes.

The Adventure Medical Kit Professional Series Suture and Syringe Kit is an excellent addition to any emergency, survival or serious medical kit for traveling, camping or at home.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in

Hospital Quality Medical Kit For Wound Care

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The Suture and Syringe Medical Kit has all the essential components required for addressing injuries that may be experienced in outdoor excursions and features the following:
An assortment of syringes
I.V. administration set
Hospital quality instruments
Wound management supplies and bandage materials
Surgeon’s sterile gloves
Antiseptic wipes
Scissors and tape

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  1. Dean

    Contains one of the most essential instruments for wound care..

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