Alpine Reusable Leg Bag with Kraylex Odor Barrier Sport 15oz


Provides economic, long lasting protection in a variety of styles

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The Coloplast Alpine Reusable Leg Bag is the only leg bag that offers two layers of protection. The first layer locks in fluid while the second layer traps in odor for maximum confidence.

  • Textured/Threaded Fittings
  • For an easy grip and maximum security
  • Superior Anti-Reflux Valve
  • Allows quick drainage and no back flow
  • Patented Kraylex Odor Barrier
  • The Coloplast Alpine Leg Bag is the only reusable leg bag that offers two layers of protection. The first layer locks in fluid while the second layer traps odor-for maximum confidence.
  • Reusable Bag
  • Provides economic, long lasting protection in a variety of styles. The Coloplast Alpine Leg Bag is easily cleaned and maintained through regular use of the gentile, deodorizing Alpine Fresh™ Cleaner.
  • Twist Lock Outlet Valve
  • Allows for easy operation and unrestricted flow
  • Optional Bottom Outlet Adapter
  • Included for versatility based on user preference
  • With Quick-Release Shut-Off
  • Enables and stops flow with fingertip operation. As a third option to the Twist lock Outlet Valve and Bottom Outlet Adapter, the Quick Release Shut-Off features an accessory drain tube with simple lever operation .

Additional information

Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in
Product Specifications

Caution: This product contains natural latex rubber which may cause an allergic reaction
15oz. size CAPACITY-15 oz.; STYLE-Sport/Small, PORT-Offset Right, or Left; INCHES(LxW) 11 x 4 CM (LxW)27.9 x 10.2


The Alpine leg bag includes two latex straps that should be threaded through the suspensory loops, wrapped around your leg, and secured with buttons. If you choose to use Alpine Deluxe Leg Bag Straps, you will need to determine the correct size of the strap needed. Simply measure the area of your leg where you wish to wear your appliance and use the corresponding measurements from the sizing chart on the package.
Coloplast offers Alpine Fresh™ appliance cleaner to clean, deodorize, and extend the life of the Alpine leg bag. It is a non corrosive, biodegradable solution developed specifically for use with a variety of urinary and ostomy products. Only use Alpine Fresh™ for daily cleaning of the Alpine leg bag following these steps. Before you begin to clean your leg bag, it is essential that the bottom outlet is closed. Once you have ensured that the outlet is closed, you can unscrew the top fitting, remove the anti-reflux valve, and rinse with warm water.
(If crystals or deposits have formed, separate affected parts and place in a container to soak, for 20-30 minutes, in full-strength Alpine Fresh. To further loosen deposits, close the container and shake. Rinse parts before reassembly of your leg bag. Align the Alpine Fresh bottle with the appliance opening and squeeze approximately one tablespoon of solution into it. Then fill the bag with warm water. Reinstall the anti-reflux valve, position the top adapter onto the top fitting of you leg bag and tighten. Shake the leg bag well, then let it soak for 20-30 minutes. Once the bag has soaked, you should drain the leg bag and rinse with water.)


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Durable Latex Leg bag :

Bullet Points

2 Different Offsets
Usable with Male External Catheters


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