Adventure Medical Kit Marine 3000 Series First Aid Kit


The Marine 3000 Series First Aid Kit series accommodates large amounts of people in both commercial and non-commercial areas when out at sea. Fits into almost any backpack, and can handle numerous injuries that may occur when out on the water.

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The Adventure Medical Kit Marine 3000 Series First Aid Kit acts as a mini hospital that is ideal for taking on long term expeditions out to sea or into the wilderness. Featuring multiple labeled components it offers a large range of medical supplies that can be easily accessed with the bags’ zipper design. Catering for large marine vessels that support large sized crews this kit acts as the first line of defense in a medical emergency.
Each compartment contains selected materials and instruments that can help to address the sick or injured.  The CPR Compartment contains gloves, antibacterial wipes, blood pressure cuffs, catheter, infectious control bags, scalpel, and stethoscope. The Medication Compartment takes care of pains and illness with multiple pain killer meds, cold and flu, a constipation solution, insect repellent, zinc and cortisone cream, and medication for allergies.
For serious bleeding it has 2 sizes of trauma pads that can help to control bleeding. Hand wipes and gloves help keep any area clean to reduce infections from spreading. An Emergency Reflective Blanket will keep a person warm when in shock and reflect sunlight to increase visibility to be seen.  All contained in a first aid kit in an easy to carry bag to assist a medic or anyone administering help to the injured while waiting for professional medical attention.
Comes complete with the 2nd edition of the Guide to Wilderness and Travel Medicine handbook. This guide helps with treating individuals to easily assess the situation with the right medicine until professional medical attention help can arrive.

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Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in
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Adventure Medical Kits



Bag design



Dental, Fracture and Sprain, Wound Care, Bleeding, Handles



Bandages, dressings, medications, instruments, plus much more

Caters for

Large gathering of people: Commercial/Non Commercial

Suitable for

Large Crew-size Marine Vessels


Medium Weight

Emergency Use


User Friendly





Foam padded/Floats

Kit Includes:

Medical Information:

2nd edition to Guide to wilderness and travel medicine


Laerdal® Pocket Mask(1) Nitrile Examination Gloves(6) Antimicrobial Hand Wipes(3) Infectious Control Bag(2)6 x Nitrile examination gloves
1 x Pocket  mask
3 x Anti-microbial hand wipes
1 x Blood pressure cuff
2 x Infectious control bags
1 x stethoscope
1 x set of 6 oral airway kit
1 x 7.0mm -7.5mm nasal airway
1 x 16fr Foley catheter
2 x 7.5mm surgical gloves
1 x Single use sterile scalpel
3 x Sterile lubricant
1 x disposable enema bag
1 x 90F-105F digital thermometer
1x EMT shears
1 x Splinter picker forceps
6 x Safety pins
2 x Pencil and accident reports
1 x emergency reflective blanket

Crew Member Kit Medications: 

1 x Laxative
6 x Rehydration oral mix
1 x SPF30 sunscreen (water resistant)
1 x 1oz Zinc Oxide
1 x SPF30 Lim Balm
1 x Ear drops
1 x Vinegar
1 x 30% insect repellent
12 x Alamag Plus antacid
2 x Eye wash
5 x Extra strength Tylenol®
50 x Motrin
2 x 24 antihistamine tablets
1 x 16, 325mg aspirin
50 x cold medicine
24 x Diamode Imodium
50 x DioTame Pepto
1 x Glutose paste
12 x 1% cortisone cream
1 x After Bite® stinging relief
10 x Pepcid AC
1 x Nasal spray
20 x Meclizine
1 x Tuck’s®
1 x Hand Gel Antibacterial
1 x Tolnftate cream
1 x cough syrup


4 x Nitrile Gloves
1 x 4oz Tender’s after burn Aloe
2 x 3×4 Spenco 2nd®
2 x 2×3 Spenco 2nd®
1 x Elastic self adherent bandage
2 x Adhesive non woven knit bandage
5 x Non-adherent Adaptic® dressing


SAM®  sling
2 x SAM Splint

Wound Care:

10 x Nitrile examination gloves
5 x Hand wipes Anti-microbial
4 x Infectious control bag
2 x 20cc irrigation syringe

Bandage Material:

30 x 1” x 3” adhesive fabric bandage
15 x Fingertip adhesive fabric bandage
15 x Knuckle adhesive fabric bandage
5 x Conforming 3” gauze bandage 
4 x 2” elastic self adhering bandage
10 x 30pc waterproof assorted bandage
16 x 2”x2” pkg./2 gauze sterile dressing
10 x 3”x3” pkg./2 gauze sterile dressing
15 x 4”x4” pkg./2 gauze sterile bandage
6 x 3”x4” non-adherent dressing
2 x 2 3/8”x2 ¾” transparent dressing
2 x 4”x4 ¾ transparent dressing
2 x Sterile Eye pad


2 x 8”x10” trauma pad
2 x 5”x9” trauma pad
2 x Marine easy care bleeding
14 x Hand wipe, Nitrile pair of gloves

Survival Tools:
1 x 60”x96” Emergency Reflective blanket

1 x Sterile towel drape
1 x 4.5” Mouse-tooth thumb tissue forceps
1 x 3ml Luer Lok Syringe
1 x 5ml Luer Lock Syringe
2 x 5-0 nylon suture
2 x 3-0 nylon suture
3 x Sterile surgical lubricant
1 x Disposable skin stapler
1 x Disposable skin remover
 4 x #11 disposable sterile scalpel w/ handle
2 x 25G x 5/8” sterile disposable needle
2 x 21G x 1 ½” sterile disposable needle
2 x 18G x 1 ½” Sterile disposable needle
1 x 5” Mayo Heger Needle Holder
1 x 15 drop IV administration set
1 x 5.5” Kelly Straight hemostat forceps
1 x size 8 pair of surgical sterile gloves
1 x 18G x 1 ¼” Angiocatheter






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A complete set of medical supply items for crews of ships and yachts

Bullet Points

Dental First Aid Compartment for pain treatment, cuts, broken teeth and more
Large quantities of dressings, bandages and medications for expansive crew size or passenger needs.
Fracture and Sprain treatment compartment for incidental needs and attention
Separate compartments for wound care and open wound irrigation and disinfectant.


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