Advantage Bedside Urinal Females


The Advantage Bedside Urinal for Females is a great solution for elderly and disabled individuals to easily go to the toilet without having to move from their bed or wheelchair. Its unique and comfortable design offers easy use and reduces spills, odors, caregiver workload, briefs, and catheter use. Promotes dignity, confidence, and independence. The urinal system needs to be held tight to the body to create a seal. The optimal position for use is sitting up with feet on the floor.


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New and Improved!

Easy twist connector allowing for quick bag replacement. Collection bag now has new kink resistant tubing, & new bed hanger clip. Redesigned thicker, more durable, double sealed, multi-use, replaceable and fast draining. The bed and portable urinal provides the best comfort, protection and ease when using.

Bedside Urinal for Females

The Advantage Bedside Urinal for Females works by rapidly draining the urine down through the tube into the 2 liter collection bag. This system helps to leave the toileting aid ready for continued use over the course of the night or day.

The unique design helps to promote dignity, confidence and independence, and is able to help reduce spills, falls, caregiver workload, briefs and catheter use. Without the need to move from your current sitting or laying area, it allows for use without worrying about mess. Simply empty the drainage bag the next morning.

The Best Feature of This Urinal

Featuring a comfort model foam ring around the opening, it is a toileting aid designed to fit comfortably to the female body without feeling out of place. The foam ring is made from a closed-cell non-absorbent polyethylene material.

For added comfort there is the Ultra Comfort model has a 1 inch size over length foam ring.   The Closed-cell non-absorbent polyethylene Foam Ring removes skin breakdown and irritation.

Ideally designed for the elderly, disabled, and individuals who suffer from incontinence, urinary problems, chronic immobility problems, and movement disorders.

How to Use Bedside Urinal – Video

Additional information

Weight 1.4 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in
Bullet Points

Reduces spills, odors, catheters, briefs
2000ml (70oz) Capacity
Promotes confidence, independence, and dignity
Unique design that completely drains the urinal
Foam ring provides comfort and reduces skin irritation
Easy to use


Portable Toilet to help reduce falls



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  1. Jlaporte

    My mother has been struggling with ALS and many places that claim to be “accessible” are not for her. This device has given her piece of mind while traveling. She not longer has to worry about “what if I can’t get off their toilet”. She can travel with confidence now!
    Thank you!

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