Prevent Nighttime Falls With Bedside Urinal

Many Nighttime Falls Occur Getting Up to use the Bathroom

advantage Bedside Urinal prevent nighttime fallsEveryone ends up going the bathroom in the middle of the night sometimes, especially those of us suffering from urge incontinence. Unfortunately, nature has a curious sense of humor. For some reason, the older we get the more susceptible to urge incontinence we become, and we also become more likely to hurt ourselves by getting up in the middle of the night. The Advantage Beside Urinal for Men and Adavantage Bedside Urinal for Women provide a convenient solution to this unfortunate combination of conditions.

The potential for falls increases as it gets darker, and nighttime falls can be particularly devastating. Even if an elderly person lives with someone, no one can help them if everyone is asleep. The Advantage Urinal acts like a bed pan that helps elderly people who find themselves going to the bathroom every night stay safe. It is also great for the wheelchair bound as it allows them to use the bathroom with no need of assistance. Anyone with urge incontinence, regardless of age, can benefit from The Advantage.

Four versions of The Advantage Urinal exist. Two are designed to fit the male anatomy and the other two are for females. Both come in standard and comfort models, which come with a foam ring around the opening to add comfort. The comfort ring is crafted from closed-cell non-absorbent polyethylene and is intended for long term use. All models of The Advantage Beside Urinal are easy to clean and is designed to prevent skin irritation. 

The small system is ideal for travel, so you can avoid the risk of nighttime falls that comes with going to the bathroom in the middle of the night in an unfamiliar environment. The urinal receptacle remains empty at all times, reducing spills and odors. Urine travels from the urinal into a 2 liter bag through a tube. The structure provides support throughout the course of an entire day or night. 

One of the other obvious advantages of The Advantage Urinal is that it cuts down the workload for caregivers. It allows seniors to remain self reliant, and can possibly eliminate the need for full time care. The Advantage maintains urine while allowing people to maintain their dignity.

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