Prevent a Fall at Night With a Bedside Urinal

A Bedside Urinal can save a life

bedside urinal One of most common injuries to seniors is from a fall from falling down at night.  Usually it is the same scenario, and it happens to almost everyone.  The urge to use the restroom comes in the middle of the night and you have to get out of bed to go.  If your spouse is next to you the last thing you want to do is to disturb their sleep.  So you navigate your way to the restroom in the dark.  Dealing with urinary incontinence can be dangerous at night.

There are trip hazards everywhere, and it happens far too many times that a fall occurs because you didn’t want to turn the light on.  Sometimes it is not the tripping that causes the fall.  It could be something as simple as poor circulation and the leg is asleep.  You try to put your weight down on it without being aware it is asleep you can’t support the weight and a fall occurs.  Arthritis is another factor for common falls.  Muscles and bones aren’t what they used to be and they need time to limber up before being used.  All the while the urge to go is still there.

So how can you prevent a fall and still make it to the restroom?  The best thing to have close by is a bedside urinal. There are many different types and most can be used in a seated or laying down position.  A good urinal will be able to seal shut, or it is spill proof so there is no need to empty it immediately.  It is something that can wait till the morning.  The most important thing is that a fall is prevented and you can go right back to sleep.

If you are not able to get out of bed or hold the urinal on your own, it may be necessary to get assistance from your spouse.  It is better to have a something close by the bed that can be used with the aid of a spouse than to take a chance on a fall that could cause serious permanent damage to yourself.

Don’t let the fear of a fall get in the way of a good night’s sleep.  Keep a bedside urinal close by.  It will give both you and your spouse peace of mind throughout the night.


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