Prefense Hand Sanitizer Can Keep You Healthy

Prefense Hand Sanitizer contains no alcohol

Prefense hand sanitizerThe Prefense Hand Sanitizer is a high quality and unique solution that is designed to offer user protection for up to 24hr from germs, bacteria, and fungus. It features patent ingredients that consist of water, cocamidopropyl betaine, Amosilq Silica Complex, and an essential oil fragrance that is poison free and alcohol free which provides a protective solution that is safe for kids and the whole family.

Because of its alcohol free based content, it is a safer alternative to that of other alcohol based sanitizers and can minimize the effect of damaging or drying out of the skin. Unlike the major name brands of hand sanitizer, Prefense doesn’t contain any additional poisonous ingredients that may cause long term harm to the user, and won’t damage the skin cells in the process.

The sanitizer works by creating a hydrogen bond that bonds to the skin cells of the location of where it is applied. Once applied it is designed to lock the protection to the skin cells of up to a period of 24-60 hours at a time, or up to 10 hand washes. Once this timeframe is completed the layer of skill cells are either removed or natural shed and a reapplication is required to ensure persistent protection is taken care of.

Designed in multiple different sizes and types of dispensing methods, it is ideal for a range of areas including around the home, at work, in public restrooms, restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes, schools and day care centers. It also provides high safety against super bugs or germs that may be associated with dirty outdoor environments and pets such as dogs or cats.

Ideal for all ages including senior citizens, this hand sanitizer is able to help minimize infections in the later stages of life to help keep anyone healthy all year round and especially during the winter months where flu germs are widely spread by hand to hand contact. It also offers a patented formula that is unique with the Quaternary working in synergy with a silica polymer to produce and form a product that allows for persistent protection at all times.

Overall it is a known fact that germs are transferred from the hands to the mouth especially when touching items including restroom doors or items in the supermarket. So if you’re looking for a protective solution against germs, bacteria, or fungus, then why not try Prefense Hand Sanitizer and see the difference today.

  • Kills 99.9% of Germs (Including Staph, MRSA, C Diff, influenza, H1N1

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