Potty Training Troubles? Here Are Some Tips

Potty Training Troubles? A Children’s Unisex Urinal Might Be the Answer

Helping children learn how to use the toilet can be a difficult journey. There are often added challenges that get in the way of a smooth transition from diaper to toilet. Some children have different physical or cognitive abilities that make toilet training take longer or require creativity. Some families have busy lifestyles that make toilet training in the traditional manner less than ideal. Even if a child is typical and has time to spend reading books on the potty, a different style of potty training may be more effective.

For all of these circumstances, a children’s unisex urinal may be the key to a smooth transition away from diapers. The best types of children’s urinals have some key features, including:

  • A child-friendly design is important. Children are more likely to use urinals that feature fun characters or designs.
  • The urinal should be very easy to use for both girls and boys.
  • If the urinal needs to be used for medical reasons, make sure the urine measurements are easy to read. It should be easy to see how many cc’s of urine are inside.
  • The lid should be easy to secure tightly. The seal should perfectly hold the liquid and odors inside the urinal.
Potty Training Troubles - A Children’s Unisex Urinal Might Be the Answer

Great for Kids with Different Physical Abilities

There are many kids who, for a variety of reasons, are not able to sit on a potty or toilet for long periods of time while they are learning how to use a toilet. For these kids, a portable unisex urinal designed especially for kids may be a great way to give them greater freedom.

Portable children’s urinals can easily be stored in the bathroom, bedroom, or packed in a backpack. They are perfect for kids who aren’t ready for a toilet but are ready to get out of diapers. Thinking creatively and using a child-friendly unisex urinal to help a child move towards total potty training can be an effective step.

Hospital or Medical Use

A stay in the hospital is scary enough as it is. The hospital urinals are not at all welcoming and often children are wary about using them. They are not usually comfortable and the discomfort can interfere with a child’s normal bodily functions.

With a child-friendly portable urinal designed for both boys and girls, urinating in a vessel becomes a lot more fun and less intimidating. The cute design breaks down barriers and kids are much more interested in using urinals designed especially for them.


Most parents who have experienced travel with a young child who is potty training. It can be frantic trying to find a bathroom in time while on the road. Most little ones do not have the ability to hold their bladders for long and the time to find a toilet is usually very short. Travelling with a unisex portable urinal is a great solution for on-the-go potty training emergencies. These urinals are easy to pack and easy to use.

Whether a child needs to use a urinal for potty training purposes, medical reasons, or just needs a back-up toilet for travel, kid-friendly unisex urinals are the perfect solution. Click here to learn more.

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