Portable Urinals Can Make Life Easier For People Dealing With Incontinence

The right portable urinal can make all the difference

Uriwell personal toilet-  portable urinalWhen using a toilet is difficult, a portable urinal might be the perfect solution. These jug-like devices are designed to be comfortable and leak-proof. They have a convenient handle for easy use. Although different models exist for men and women, most of them can be used by everyone. Their purpose is to provide a discreet way to urinate, and the container can be emptied whenever it is convenient. To buy personal toilets, portable urinals or any other urological supplies, trust Bio Relief. We carry a wide array of home healthcare supplies that help people manage incontinence issues. Order online or Call Us At 877-782-3675 Today!

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Here are some of the ways that portable urinals make life easier for people dealing with incontinence or limited mobility.

1. Sanitary

A portable urinal is more sanitary than a traditional bedpan. This is a great option for people who are bedridden or who might be recovering from surgery. If someone can’t get to a bathroom quickly and doesn’t want to deal with asking for help, this allows them to get relief without the stress or embarrassment of possibly making a mess. The spill-proof container protects an individual’s privacy and dignity.

2. Convenience

People who deal with incontinence or who have physical challenges when it comes to using a restroom might be tempted to avoid long car trips, spend time outdoors or be in public. Maybe they worry about not being able to get to a restroom in time or not being able to find an accessible toilet at a moment of need. A portable urinal alleviates those fears by giving a convenient alternative that is always nearby. This allows people to continue to be active. It’s also good for over-the-road truck drivers who don’t always have the option to stop and use a restroom.

3. Affordable

A portable urinal is an affordable device that makes a huge difference in the life of anyone dealing with incontinence or who has trouble using the toilet. Cleaning the container is as simple as rinsing it out.

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