Portable toilets help with Urge Incontinence

One way to help manage Urge Incontinence

Uriwell personal toilets for urge incontinence Urge Incontinence is a common form of incontinence. This is when a person gets an urgent desire to pass urine and is sometimes unable to hold on and therefore may leak before reaching the restroom. The problem is due to an ‘over active bladder’ sending mixed messages to the brain leaving the patient feeling the need to pass urine more often than normal, this can be during the night as well as the day.

The cause is not fully understood, stress, pregnancy, bladder infections like stones or even too much caffeine can have a profound effect temporarily. Illnesses that affect the brain like strokes, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis and spinal cord injuries also contribute to this problem. The bladder seems to become overactive and contracts when you don’t want it to. Urge incontinence usually begins in adult life although it can occur at any age and it usually affects women more than men.

Normal bladders will gradually fill up and as it is stretched we get the feeling of wanting to pass urine when it is about half full, at this point most people are able to hold on for quite some time afterwards or until a toilet is readily available but for ‘Urge incontinence’ sufferers the bladder is telling the brain that it needs to pass urine right away and it can be very difficult to hold on. The sufferer will feel a strong urge to pass urine and the bladder will begin to contract making the person feel like they cannot control it. Treatment is available but it usually takes time and patience to get the control back and it does require a degree of brain training in order to get the bladder working as it should do again.

Uriwell is a great device that helps in assisting the problem of ‘Urge Incontinence’ as it’s a portable toilet which is ready for use as and when you need it. There is no need for panic and the feeling of helplessness with the Uriwell portable urinal because it’s ready to assist your needs as you desire. If you are going on long journeys or are bed ridden it can be very beneficial, but also if you are currently trying to train your bladder to be able have that self control back in your life, it can be a great aid in helping doing so as it can help you to hold on for that little bit longer without the risk of an accident.

Uriwell portable toilets are light weight, compact and easy to use! The device has been specially designed to combat odors and it is spill proof, relatively discreet and inexpensive. It’s a little thing in your life that can make a huge difference.

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