Personal portable toilets are more than just for travel

Uriwell personal toilet
Personal Portable Toilets

If you thought personal portable toilets were just for travel, think again.  Now, personal portable toilets come in more varieties than ever providing a convenient and inexpensive solution no matter where you are when nature calls.




You just missed the biggest play of the season…again.  You drank seven too many beers and now you’re waiting in an epic line for the bathroom.  Luckily, your buddy will be able to catch you up.  He remembered to wear his Stadium Pal, a personal portable toilet device that fits discreetly inside your pants and allows you to go whenever and wherever you need.


Ladies, there is a solution for you as well.  Stadium Gal!  No more waiting in bathroom lines that never move while the men waltz quickly in and out of their bathroom.  Discretely relieve yourself from the comfort of your court-side seat with Stadium Gal.




Tired of wasting time digging holes for your waste when you should be enjoying your time in the great outdoors?  Personal portable toilets are the perfect solution.  The TravelJohn allows you go go anywhere, anytime.  The wide range of products now available allows a convenient, mess free way to relieve yourself while you enjoy your time away from civilization.


In addition, Mother Nature will thank you for caring enough to use a personal portable toilet.  Personal portable toilets offer an environmentally friendly solution to the growing destruction caused by human waste left in natural habitats.  Human waste doesn’t belong in natural habitats.  It spreads disease to wildlife and plant life alike.




You’re enjoying a gorgeous trip down the Colorado River in your canoe.  The sky is perfectly blue, the river is quietly gurgling, the wildlife greet you at the river’s edge.  Only one thing could ruin this perfect scene…your bladder is full.


Avoid the hassle of paddling to the river’s edge, pulling your boat ashore, and relaunching your canoe with one simple purchase…a Uriwell personal toilet.  They offer the ultimate in convenience.  Personal portable toilets are easy to use, economical, and environmentally friendly.




The older we get the closer we like to stay to the bathroom.  Age and illness can leave us terrified to stray too far from home for fear we will have an accident.  Don’t miss another grandchild’s piano recital, a best friend’s 90th birthday party, or a monthly scrap-booking club meeting.  Personal portable toilets will give you the confidence to start doing the things you love again.


When considering personal portable toilets you will find an endless array of options.  There are options for men and women alike.  Do you have problems getting on and off the toilet?  The GoGirl™ portable toilets can allow women to go while standing.  Will people notice I am carrying a personal portable toilet?  They come in all shapes and sizes.  Some are small enough to keep in a car glove box or even in your purse!


Personal portable toilets come in an endless variety of shapes and sizes.  There is quite literally an personal portable toilet solution for everyone.  Start doing the things you love again with the convenience and reliability of a personal portable toilet!

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