Penis Pouch – Who Can Benefit?

Description: Learn about the penis pouch and how it can help men with incontinence. From those suffering from urinary issues, to those with incontinence with retractive penises.

Incontinence can be an embarrassing situation, and if you are a sufferer then don’t fret, most people experience it at some point in their life. Incontinence has a lot of causes, from old age, to a recent surgery. It can be a messy situation, but with the right preparation you can reduce the public or private embarrassment and get yourself a product to help you deal with your incontinence either long-term, or while you are recovering. BioRelief has a full range of products, and one that is specific to men is the penis pouch, or sleeve.

Incontinence is when you can no longer hold your bladder properly, and prevent yourself from urinating. Sometimes it can be just a trickle now and then, or a full flood, but either way, it can put a kink in your plans if you are out and about in the world with friends or family.
Incontinence is often caused by some sort of urinary system issue such as: bladder infection, kidney disorder, kidney disease, urinary tract infection, enlarged prostate cancer, or recovering from surgery related to any of these conditions. Women can also suffer from incontinence after having children. Many who have incontinence don’t like the idea of wearing an adult diaper the
whole time, due to the bulkiness of the product, and needing to change it midday.

What is a Penis Pouch?
A penis pouch, often also referred to as a sleeve, is an incontinence device specific for men. It is a pouch that can go over the penis in order to capture urine before it leaks out.

The captured
urine travels through a drain into an attached bag. The bag of choice can either be a bedside receptacle, or a leg bag if you are using it during the day. Often it goes over the entire penis and sticks to the skin at the base in order to stay secure throughout the day.

You can also choose a similar product that is more of a liner for your underwear, that sticks onto the inside of the underwear, and captures urine as it is expelled. It must be changed before it gets fully loaded.

Who Benefits from a Penis Pouch?
Any male that has an issue with incontinence can benefit from a penis pouch. Those that benefit the most are any with a kidney or prostate disorder or disease, or patients that are recovering from surgery related to the urinary system, kidneys, or prostate. The penis pouch is a great solution to prevent accidents while sleeping at night, or those looking to continue living a rich life outside the home and need a solution to deal with incontinence.

Those with retracted or retractive penises can also benefit from a penis pouch if other devices don’t work well.

Penis Pouch from Bio Relief
BioRelief has a wide variety of medical devices to help better a person’s life.

With our devices you can better your situation, and deal with medical issues, such as incontinence to keep your quality of life while recovering.


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