Introducing Our New Clear Vinyl Urinary Leg Bag

Discover the features of our Uro-Safe bag, and learn some usage tips.

Urinary leg bags are a great solution for people who deal with urinary incontinence. These products allow people to gain more freedom. They’re discreet and can be easily hidden under various types of clothing. They do, however, come with their challenges. They can be uncomfortable, the tubes can get kinked, they can leak, and they can be hard to conceal. We wanted to help make your life easier, so we offer the Uro-Safe clear vinyl urinary leg bag with twist drains has an anti-reflux feature built right in. There are no other urinary leg bags valves like it.

The valve is subtle, won’t catch on your clothing, and stays clean. Our latex-free legs straps add comfort and security so you can wear your urinary leg bag without getting a sore leg. They even come with buttons so you can choose the right fit!

Here are three tips for having a comfortable urinary leg bag experience.

BioRelief - New Leg Bag for Urine Collection

Using the Straps Properly

When you are putting on your urinary leg bag, you want to make sure it is comfortable and stable. You can either strap it to your thigh or lower on your calf. Our straps are adjustable and self-gripping. This helps prevent any soreness, bruising, circulation issues, and skin irritation or sores. To further avoid these issues, try not to move your leg bag around throughout the day. Having your bag properly and comfortably strapped to your leg will help reduce any risk of the tubing getting kinked or the bag moving around too much.

Emptying Your Leg Bag

BioRelief offers urinary leg bags in two sizes: 500 ml and 1000 ml. Depending on the size you’ve chosen; you will have to empty your bag more or less often. With the simple anti-reflux valve, you can easily drain your leg bag into a container throughout your day. If it’s time to change your bag, remember to have a new one close by so you can easily swap them. Place a towel under the connector linked to the catheter and be sure to pinch the end of the end of the catheter tube to avoid making a mess. Grab your new bag, clean the tip with alcohol and connect the tubing on the new bag to the catheter tubing. Secure the bag in place with your straps and you’re all set. Remember to wash your hands when you’re done.

Remember to Change Your Leg Bag

Our bags are disposable and should be changed at least once a week. The same goes for the valve. At night you should be using a larger bag. Leg bags are meant to be hidden under clothing and are a lot smaller than nighttime bags.


Our urinary legs bags will give you even more comfort and freedom. They are designed to be easier to use will help you stay clean and dry. You can choose the size that works best for you and your lifestyle and easily drain it when needed. If you’re looking for a better urinary leg bag, BioRelief has exactly what you need. Click here to learn more: Clear Vinyl Urinary Leg Bag w/ Twist Drain

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