Mentor Catheters are now under the Coloplast name

Mentor CathetersMentor catheters are now produced by Coloplast which acquired the business of Mentor Urology in 2006. The Coloplast supplies a large percentage of the needs and products for people who are afflicted with urinary retention or incontinence. Coloplast took over the entire Mentor line of catheters in additional to their accessories line. Mentor produced the indwelling catheters that are used for urethra insertion, such as the Foley type, which are designed for longer term use by individuals who may be confined to bed, especially those with a terminal illness.

The Foley catheter is also suitable for people who may have dementia and who are unable to look after themselves properly, or individuals who may have diseases like multiple sclerosis where it has advanced to a stage requiring the necessity of an indwelling catheter. Other reasons for the use of these types of catheters may be accidents that cause spinal injuries. The indwelling catheter is also used during surgery for Suprapubic application through a small hole in the lower stomach area and for monitoring the output of urine. Tubing, connectors, leg bags, and other collection systems are also available for this type of unit.

Mentor catheters were also available in the Intermittent variety for use by people who do not require the constant use of a catheter, but only require it for about every three to five hours to empty their bladder. There are a number of different types available such as the Coude tip, Straight, and Closed systems. They are available with all the other necessary supplies that are required for the use of this type of catheter.

Mentor catheters were also produced as an external catheter for use by men who may require the need for condom type of urinary devices. There are a number of different types of male external catheters available.  There are adhesive strip types like the Gizmo Texas, the Freedom Cath with adhesive lining that are made of latex.  And there are the self adhesive silicone sheaths like the Freedom Clear that are latex free for people who may have an allergy to latex. These products also come with kink proof and twist proof applications which minimize or eliminate what is known as a blow off when the tubing kinks or twists and stops the flow of urine into the collection bag. These products also come with tubing and collection bags to suit, plus leg bands to make a complete system. Some refer to the complete male external catheter system as the Stadium Pal.

Even though the Mentor catheter is still thought as one of the best on the market because of its history, they are still made the same way with the same care under the Coloplast name.  These types of catheters are designed to reduce the problems associated with urinary bladder retention, and the problems associated with constant urine leakage or incontinence. What the individual uses may depend on their health care provider’s advice or what the individual prefers to use or wear. It is important that when using a catheter, whether Colopast (formally Mentor) or another brand, that you always make sure that it is clean to reduce the risk of infections.

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