Male Urinals Options for the Handicapped

Being handicapped or disabled can be a difficult existence for many, with less options being available when it comes to everyday personal activities. Using the bathroom can be arduous for some of those that are handicapped, especially if the proper facilities are not available to use at certain outdoor events, or when travelling in a vehicle where you may not be able to hold it in until the next rest stop. Well, the good news is that there are many alternative options available, and a lot of different designs of male urinals can be purchased online at BioRelief.

Portable Urinals

Portable urinals are commonly used in hospitals for gathering urine samples, but you can get ones that are friendly to use at home and for travel that work just the same. Many options are available when it comes to portable urinals, from those that use disposable bags to those that can be sealed shut for emptying later, or just the standard reusable bagless option such as the Bagless Comfort Fit Male Urinal.

For long travel in a vehicle, one of the best options available is the Go Pilot. With a collapsible 3 liter tank and compatible flexible hose with portable urinal attachment, you’ll be able to store urine for a full day’s worth of travel without having to worry about making a pit stop at a roadside washroom facility. Another great portable urinal option is the Little John portable urinal, that is quick and easy to use, has enough capacity and can be easily cleaned and reused again later. This one comes with attachments for female use as well, if needed.

External Catheters

Another very popular option for the handicapped is external catheters. These gently, but firmly attach over the penis securely, and allow for the use of bags to collect urine throughout the day, or during the night. The Stadium Pal is an ever popular option for external catheter with a leg bag, that isn’t just used by the handicapped, but also those with general incontinence (or just want to avoid using public facilities when out at a sports event, at a concert, or driving long distances). Skin barriers are also an option for those wanting to use external catheters but have frail skin. One such solution is the Brava Skin Barrier Sting Free by Coloplast.

External catheters are also used for nighttime incontinence for those that are handicapped. These are often combined with bedside mounted bag systems, such as the Advantage Bedside Urinal. The bag makes urine disposal easy and clean, either in the morning or for a nighttime attendant.

Medical Underwear

Medical underwear is also another leg bag option that is compatible with external catheters, biliary catheters and Foley catheters. The Medical Underwear by CathWear is one of the best options available. It is on the BioRelief website and is most likely covered by your medical insurance.

Male Urinals for Handicapped

If you are looking for male urinals for the handicapped, then at BioRelief we have a wide variety of high quality products available for you on our website. If you need more information about a product then just contact us online via live chat, phone, or email our customer support.

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