Male External Catheters come in different styles and sizes

Men who use male external catheters will tell you that they can change a person’s life. They can restore dignity and independence to those who experience urinary incontinence. It does not matter if it is a disability, rehabilitation, or recover from a prostate procedure.  The end result is that there is no need to worry about finding the next restroom in time. (Read more below)

It is important to understand the different types and styles and which one to choose.  Commonly referred to as a condom catheter or Texas Catheter most are worn over the penis. They are rolled on similar to a condom. The popular styles have an adhesive lining on the inside of them. This creates a seal against the skin to prevent leaks and to keep the catheter on.  Generally these are good for about 24 hours of continuous wear.  After that time the perspiration, and oils from the skin can start to break down the adhesive.  So it is good practice to change them every 24 hours. This also allows for the skin to breath and be cleaned before applying a new one.  Once removed they should be discarded into the trash.

A Skin Barrier can be used on the skin if there is an issue with delicate, or frail skin.  When applied to the skin it creates an invisible layer of barrier so that the adhesive inside the catheter does not come into direct contact with the skin. This can also help with the removal of the catheter. If a residue remains from the adhesive there are removers that are also available to take care of any stubborn residue adhesive.

Male external catheters come in different sizes also. Measurement is determined by girth, and there are sizing guides that can be downloaded and printed out to help determine the correct size.  When a traditional condom catheter cannot be worn because the penis is retracted there are external catheters designed for this. The Mens Liberty is one of the more popular and the Retracted Penis pouch is another.  Both models can be attached to the same urine collection bags as the condom catheters.

The most popular brand of male external catheters is made by Coloplast. We have found them to be the most successful style to use and their Conveen Optima won an award because it is user friendly.  If you have any questions about male external catheters please feel free to contact us with your questions.