Male External Catheters do not go in the Body

A Male External Catheter can restore the freedom to travel again

Freedom Clear Male External CatheterWhen people hear the word catheter it brings on an uneasy feeling, especially for men.  The thought of a long slim tube being inserted into the penis sounds painful, and like something many would like to avoid.  But that is an indwelling catheter. Like a Foley, or an intermittent catheter. The difference between the two is a Foley is left inside the body for a period of time, and an intermittent is inserted into the body to drain the bladder and then removed and discarded.

Then there is an external catheter.  More popular for men than women even though there are external catheters for both sexes.  The male version is referred to as a condom catheter, or a male external catheter.  Many men are not familiar with this type of device to help manage urinary incontinence.  Be it a temporary because of prostate recovery, or long term.  The good thing about it is that they are easy and safe to use.  So comfortable that you do not even realize you are wearing it.  The most popular style is a catheter made of silicone.  100% Silicone catheters are very soft and generally safe for the skin.  Other external catheters are made of latex.  Over a period of time some men develop a rash because they are allergic to it.  The safest choice is to choose a catheter made of silicone.  When used with a collection bag it becomes a discrete portable urinal.  When worn under loose fitting jeans or slacks no one can tell.  Male external catheters are so comfortable to wear that you won’t even feel like you are wearing it.  You will question if it is even on because you do not notice it.

A complete kit that provides catheters and a leg bag that BioRelief offers is called a Stadium Pal Kit, but do not let the name fool you. More men use it outside of a sporting event than for one.  But it still serves the same purpose.  It provides access to urinate when there is not a bathroom available, or for convenience.  For men who deal with urge incontinence this is a welcomed product.  For others who want to go out to a movie or dinner and not have to get up to use the bathroom every 15 minutes because of medication, it gives peace of mind.


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