Kegel Exercises Help Women of all Ages

Kegelmaster is for kegel exercises

Kegel Exercises Strengthen Pelvic Floor Muscles to stop incontinence

For centuries, women have been practicing the ancient art of the kegel to control urinary incontinence. Today, doctors still recommend kegel exercises as the first line of treatment for unexpected urine leakage. The only way to get a proper kegel workout is with a device that offers resistance, and the only thing that does that is the Kegelmaster. The Kegelmaster comes in a silken case and is accompanied by an instructional video which demonstrates how to properly use it. It also comes with a diary for you to track your progress by recording your daily bladder habits. The adjustable resistence has 15 different settings that range from 0 to 4.5lbs.  Kegel exercises are named after Dr. Arnold Kegel, who first proposed the benefits of a pelvic floor exercise in 1948. A kegel is simply a contracting and releasing of the pelvic floor muscles. These muscles are what you use to control the flow of urine when you need to use the bathroom.  Regular kegel exercises help prevent unexpected urine leakage due to incontinence. Incontinence is not something that only affects the elderly; a number of factors can lead to weak pelvic muscles including pregnancy, childbirth, obesity, aging and abdominal surgeries such as cesarean sections. Interestingly, many doctors tell pregnant women to practice kegels to prepare the pelvis for birth, hopefully reducing the pain of labour. Kegels have also been known to improve women’s orgasms. To practice kegels, one can try them while urinating to stop and start the flow of urine (do not do this regularly, however, as it can irritate the urinary tract). Replicating that motion while not using the bathroom will build the muscles of the pelvic floor. Devices to help women perform proper kegels have existed for years. Doctor Kegel’s own Perineometer was made up of balloons and tubes (needless to say, it did not catch on). Another popular method to assist pelvic floor exercises was the use of electro-stimulation, which involved inserting a probe into the vagina and sending a current of electricity through it! However, Dr. Kegel realized that only kind of device that optimally exercises the pelvic floor muscles is one with springs that offers resistance.  The Kegelmaster allows women to treat their incontinence and improve their sex lives with no need to consult their doctor. The resistance it offers gives women confidence that they are performing the exercise correctly 

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