Tips for Recognizing, Discussing, and Managing Incontinent Loved Ones

How to spot the signs of incontinence

You need to be on the lookout for the signs of incontinence, once you notice it once. It is likely that your loved one is going to try and keep it secret from you, as they are embarrassed. Here is a list of things you should check:
  • Unusual smells in the room
  • Withdrawal
  • Lack of physical exercise
  • No social interest and your loved one does not like visitors
  • How to talk about the problem
  • Once you have determined that your loved one suffers from incontinence, try and discuss the problem with them. They will not start the conversation, and you need to be as understanding as possible.
  • Try and seek medical assessment and advice, before you would start thinking about possible solutions. After the health professional has given you some options, sit down with your relative and listen to them, which one they would prefer. If they are able to move, and would like to take care of washing and changing themselves, you should grant them the opportunity.

Effective Communication about Incontinence

You need to be understanding with your loved one when you are talking about incontinence. You should appreciate their concerns and worries, and assure then that you will help them deal with the situation.