Reusable Product Solutions for Incontinent Adults and Children

Product Solutions for Incontinent Adults and Children

If you have an adult or child in your family with health problems, incontinent reusable products may be a solution for their urination needs. There are solutions that help teach children how avoid wetting their beds as well as products to help the bed-ridden adult. You’ll also find solutions for the adult who is incontinent but otherwise active and healthy. In fact, many of these solutions are helpful for people who work in situations where restroom facilities may not be readily available. Incontinent reusable products are those in which part of them can be used more than one time without replacement, provided proper care and hygiene is practiced. This includes many external catheter products where the plastic collection bag can be reused for the collection of urine. The external catheter and tubing set assembly is worn outside the body and the strong plastic collection bag which is attached to the leg of the person wearing the device. Under slacks these can’t be detected. There are external catheter and tubing set assemblies for males and females. In the case of the female external device, a leak-proof attachment fits the woman’s body and is ideal for the bed ridden woman. The male device requires a clean penis and is worn just like a condom. Bedside containers are available for external catheters to help those who are incontinent when sleeping or are restricted to bed rest. These the plastic collection bags are the only thing that needs to be replaced after a period of time, making this incontinent wear less costly than some other solutions. The portion of the external catheter that contacts the human body must be replaced after each use, but the male external catheter’s are affordable when purchased in quantity. The female device’s replacement pouches are more expensive but, because they can be worn by bed ridden patients for as long as a week, they are much more comfortable and practical, and more affordable, than purchasing stacks of bed pads and changing sheets. . The external catheter and tubing set assemblies are frequently used by truckers, military personnel, hunters, sports fans, and those with over-active bladders. Any activity which takes you far from the modern conveniences makes these products practical, not just for those with continence problems but everyone. With the convenience of these products, they make great sense for those situations where you really need a way to urinate discretely. For children that are learning to be continent, there are bedwetting alarms which are designed to alert the child that they are beginning to urinate. This helps the child associated the feelings produced by their body with the act of waking and going to the bathroom, making the mental connection so that they will learn to awaken when their bodies send these signals. The different models of the alarms are designed for girls and boys and three different alarm volume settings offers the child the best means of learning to answer nature’s call with accidents. The one thing to remember is that incontinence is more common than you may think, so you have nothing to be ashamed of.