How to Use Poo Powder to Safely Dispose of Human Waste

If you have ever been travelling across the country, taking pit stops at national parks, then you know that dealing with human waste is something you must consider. As well, just normal camping in the woods, if there aren’t facilities available, you’ll also be needing to deal with human waste. This can be dangerous if it isn’t handled right both for you, and the natural environment. However, there are products you can get to help you better handle your waste while camping or travelling, and one such product available from BioRelief is “Poo Powder.”

What is Poo Powder?

While the name isn’t exactly self evident as to what it actually does, Poo Powder is a specially formulated powder for helping you better deal with your human waste (number twos). Human waste can be sometimes a bother to deal with, especially when using portable toilets designed for camping or travel, as you may sometimes have to deal with splashing or spillage. Poo Powder makes dealing with human waste easier by converting liquid waste into a gel on contact, making it more solid and easier to handle. This will help reduce spillage and splashes that can happen. One scoop of the powder can deal with an incredible 21 ounces at once!

What is in Poo Powder?

Poo Powder is a blend of special chemicals, but primarily it contains gelling properties, while also having natural enzymes that help promote the decay of solid waste right away. The first thing it does is help the breakdown process begin, which helps neutralize any smells that the waste is off putting. Once the powder hits the waste the process begins, and encapsulates the entirety of the waste, making it both easier to handle and instantly more sanitary. You can use it with any toilet kit you have, but it also comes with the GO Anywhere Toilet Kits available from BioRelief.

How do you use Poo Powder?

It couldn’t be simpler. Once you have answered nature’s call, you immediately take a scoop of powder from the container and sprinkle it over the waste. Often one scoop is good for several uses, making it ideal for re-sealable waste bags. Poo Powder is toxic-free, and environmentally safe, so you don’t have to worry about coming into contact with it directly. One container of Poo Powder contains 120 scoops.

Ideal Locations to Use Poo Powder?

Poo Powder is great for anywhere you may be dealing with human waste outside of a toilet room setting. So, this can include long-term care, home healthcare, outdoor events, travel, military training, construction sites, natural disasters, in emergency kits and so many more locations. It’s the best solution there is with trying to deal with human waste in a more effective and sanitary way.

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