How to Keep Your Privacy While Tailgating

Tailgating is a great American pastime, but when it comes to finding some privacy for going to the bathroom, there often feels like two choices. First is going somewhere with public toilets. Second is renting an expensive and cumbersome portable toilet cabinet, or port-a-potty. While both will do the trick, you don’t have to use a dirty bathroom or hand out a ton of money to get some privacy while tailgating. You need affordable portable urinal and portable toilet options.

Bio Relief has a number of products that are designed to be simple, hygienic and affordable solutions to going to the bathroom while far away from a bathroom. Each of these devices is perfect for tailgating. Let’s break down the difference between a portable urinal and toilet, and show you a few of the options available.

Portable Urinals

If you’re looking to go number one, then you don’t need an entire portable toilet, one that needs a crane to get dragged out to your tailgating party. You need something small, simple and discrete. You need a portable urinal.

Portable urinals are common products these days. First developed for people who suffer from incontinence, you can find them used all over today.

Bio Relief actually developed a special portable urinal dedicated to the tailgating and stadium experience called “The Stadium Pal.” This high-tech catheter attaches to your inner calf for a discrete and simple way to go without missing a beat. It’s the perfect solution for anyone who wants to tailgate and maintain their privacy while enjoying the fun. In fact, we have a “Stadium Gal” that’s made especially for the ladies!

The other option is one of Bio Relief’s most popular options: the “Little John.” This small, inexpensive plastic product lets you go number one easily. Once you’re finished, you can screw on the cap and store it safely away. No fuss. No mess. Plus, we offer a simple attachment so it can be used just as easily by ladies.

Portable Toilets

Portable urinals work great for going number one, but what happens when you need to go number two? In that instance, you really need a portable toilet, not just a portable urinal. For those instances, Bio Relief has a number of great options that let you do your business discretely and then get back to the party!

Probably our most popular portable toilet is the GO Anywhere Toilet Kits. These products are part of the Leave No Trace program and designed to help you go number two and dispose of it in a way that’s discrete and friendly for the environment. Each portable toilet has a pouch of specialized gel that breaks down waste. Used in conjunction with our Restop Commode Bucket Portable Toilet, you can have a great solution for going number two while tailgating.

Your Choice for Getting Privacy While Tailgating

Bio Relief is dedicated to offering simple, sanitary and discrete options for portable toilets and urinals. Since getting a whole portable toilet system can be expensive and impossible to move around, especially for tailgating, we offer solutions that can help almost anyone relieve themselves while still getting their privacy.

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