How to Care for a Loved One Dealing with Incontinence

Incontinence can be a very embarrassing condition, especially if it suddenly occurs and the person isn’t ready for it. Below are some things you can learn in order to help someone you love to deal with their incontinence issues and make them feel accepted and not a burden to those around them.

Understanding the Condition

The first thing that you must learn when it comes to dealing with a loved one that has incontinence is that it is generally not something they can control, and that you must accept and understand their situation. When someone has incontinence, which is common amongst older people, or women after pregnancy, they are not able to control their urination as well as most people can, and they may have leaks, small or large. Incontinence is very embarrassing, so it’s important to talk with them if you notice that they have the condition, and work with them to better manage the situation.

Preparedness at Home

At home, an incontinence issue may not be as embarrassing for the person that has it, but it’s still important to be very patient as leaks can happen at any time. It’s important to be prepared though, once the condition is known. Always ensure that they have on hand a supply of incontinence pads or underwear that they can use. These incontinence protection wearables can be found at almost any major store and pharmacy, or you can find them online at stores like Bio Relief. Always being prepared means less leaks that turn into embarrassing situations with spills or furniture needing to be cleaned.

Nighttime is also a big problem for those with incontinence, because it’s even harder to control urination while sleeping. There are several options available, such as the aforementioned incontinence pads, or thicker underwear meant for overnight leaks. You can also find medical equipment that are capable of soaking up leaks with external attachments during the night without the need for an internal catheter. Talking together with your loved one and their doctor will give you many solutions to deal with the overnight problem.

Travel Preparation

Incontinence while travelling is the most embarrassing and inconvenient form, but with proper preparedness it can become manageable. Always remind your loved one to use the toilet before leaving on a trip of any size, so that they have as little “in the tank” to leak. As well, always have on hand in the vehicle or a purse a supply of incontinence pads or underwear in case a change needs to be made. Try to plan for frequent rest stops (restaurants, or refueling stations), so that a toilet is never too far away.

If you are looking for supplies to help with your loved one’s incontinence issues, then visit our store: the BioRelief. Never make the incontinence of a loved one an issue, always be ready to help and make them feel loved and never a burden.

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