How does a portable toilet work?

Imagine you’re camping in the middle of the wilderness on a beautiful summer day enjoying the beauty of nature…when nature calls. You’ve set up camp far away from restroom facilities, so you can’t relieve yourself in a spot with indoor plumbing.

You also don’t want to leave human waste near your campsite because it’s not only a land and water pollutant but also a health hazard.

Additionally, human waste might attract wildlife like rodents, deer and even bears to your camping area.

To avoid any of these less than desirable situations, you’ll have to dispose of human waste in a way that minimizes both the potential to contaminate the area around you and the likelihood that it will attract unwanted critters to your campsite.

A good way to get rid of human waste is to bring a portable toilet along with you on your expedition.

But, how do they work?

Portable toilets are a great solution when working outdoors or planning an event because they are so convenient. Portable toilets allow you to do your business and then collect it to dispose of later.

Portable toilets are self-contained so waste does not get flushed into the sewer as it does at home, but instead uses a resistant and degradable bag for it.

Integrated powder is able to gel liquid, neutralize odors and catalyze decay. A zip close disposal bag, hand sanitizer, and toilet paper have to be included.

Here at Biorelief we have The GO anywhere total system™ is a complete portable toilet system that can be setup in a matter of seconds.

Weighing only 18lbs it provides easy transportation and carrying, and is ideal for any camping adventure.

We offer several differ kinds of portable toilet systems that work for both men and women, as well as small tent-like devices to ensure you have your privacy, even in the most primitive conditions.

Once you buy camping toilets and your family uses them for the first time, you’ll never go back to your old way of relieving yourselves again, no matter how creative it was!

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