History of the Bidet as we know it and Advantages

The history of the Bidet

Bidets originated in France around the year 1710. The purpose of the bidet was to cleanse the private areas. At the time most people only bathed about once a week. The bidet is a method for personal cleaning that uses a stream of water instead of toilet paper that can be irritating and damaging to those who may have bowel problems. It is called a bidet because the French thought that it resembled that of a pony. As the bidet evolved it became more of a personal cleansing method, and a great way to maintain improved sanitation, and hygiene.

Up until the 1900’s bidets were only found in bedrooms. Thanks to the development of indoor plumbing in the 19th and 20th centuries the bidet was developed into a porcelain bowl, and found its way into the bathroom. Very similar to that of a toilet, its sole purpose was for contraception and cleaning of one’s genitals, and posterior, but because of its size and the space they took up they were usually found only in the homes of the wealthy. Users would then position themselves in an awkward position while a stream of water would rise up, and the user would clean themselves with their hand or a towel. This was much better than using paper, but wasn’t the most comfortable way to clean ones self.

Most Americans do not fully understand how important a bidet is to most of the world, especially Europe where it is an essential part of the bathroom. It is hard pressed to find a home without one. Many Americans have only seen a bidet in movies, upscale hotels, or those how have visited Europe. Never the less it is something that Americans have yet to grab on to, even though America is one of the top producers of bidets, and exports them.

As a large number of Americans are growing older bidets are starting to catch on, especially with seniors. This is because it allows one the convenience to clean themselves thoroughly without the help of another. They are also helpful for the disabled, and anyone who may have a mobility problem. They are a much better alternative to use instead of toilet paper that can be very irritating to those who have hemorrhoids. And they are great for feminine hygiene where it is much safer to clean with warm fresh water than it is to use commercial products that contain chemicals.

Over the last 30 years popularity of the bidet has grown thanks to the electronic bidet. Leading the way are the Japanese were more than 70% of all homes have an electronic bidet installed. It is replacing toilet paper as the standard for personal hygiene in their society. This multi-purpose fixture saves space, and combines the convenience of being a hands-free controlled cleansing experience. Has the popularity, and the knowledge of the benefits grows we will see the bidet become a more and more popular appliance in the 21 st century.

The Bidet Advantage

The Bidet (bee-dáy) is a personal cleaning method that uses a stream of water. The benefits of using a bidet toilet seat are many, and even doctors are now seeing the advantages, and the practicality of them. They are great for the many people who suffer from hemorrhoids, and other bowel related problems. And because they are hands free, senior citizens and the disabled also find them as a great devise that allows them to get their self-confidence back. Knowing they can again use the restroom by themselves without having someone help them clean up. A bidet practically eliminates the need for toilet paper, therefore is no hard wiping leading to irritation, or rashes. And because they use clean water, and no chemicals, it is much better for the skin. Bidets offer a self cleaning method to help promote good personal hygiene. Here at BioRelief.com we are dedicated to helping maintain a healthy lifestyle and to help relieve any of life’s problems by making it more manageable. There are many different types of electronic bidets to suit your needs. Click on any of the images below to find out more information on each one that BioRelief.com has to offer.

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