The Hands-Free Door Pull: Foot Door Opener

Touching dirty door handles can be a way to put yourself in danger since the hands hold a wide range viruses and germs. One person can contract diseases easily through touching the same surface another infected individual touched. This happens especially in public places like office buildings and retail stores.

BioRelief’s hands-free door pull, is a great option to avoid touching doors with your hands.

This metal foot door pull can be placed at the bottom of the door, working perfectly on the right or left side and there is no need for bending.

The installation is a very easy D.I.Y. project by placing just 3 screws to hold it in place. In fact, the installation of this foot door pull will take 5 minutes or less!

This is a very effortless way to solve a sanitary problem. Once this Hands-Free Door Foot Pull is properly installed at the bottom of the door, the user will be able to open it by simply placing their foot in the toe opener and gently pull it.

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Why is this a great product for public businesses and office buildings?

The average American uses the office restrooms at least 2 times per day (unless you work from home). This means there will be a constant share of germs through several surfaces, mainly door handles. 

Whether it’s space is shared with the public or just to the employees, germs and bacteria are even harder to control in the areas with high traffic. 

So, no matter if your hands are full or you want to protect yourself from germs and viruses, The Toe Handle is the right way to start feeling more comfortable in your own house or giving your employees and customers protection. Also, it’s a great help when your hands are full… just use your foot to open the door!

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