Hand Sanitizers To Protect Yourself From the Flu

Can you really protect yourself from the flu?

Prefense hand sanitizer to protect yourself from the fluWhen it comes to using a hand sanitizer not all of them are the same.  Many of the leading brands on the market contain alcohol.  It is the amount of alcohol that is shocking.  Many are over 60%.  That makes them highly flammable.  The hazards that these pose make them unsafe for many of us.  The warning labels on them should scare many of us away, but we continue to use them every day without truly understanding how they work.

First it is important to understand how these alcohol based hand sanitizers work.  It is true that they are effective at killing 99.9% of germs. They are good to protect yourself from the flu, but once these are applied and dry they quit working.  So essentially alcohol based are only good at killing germs while they are wet on your hands.  That’s good to know, because once you touch a surface that has a virus or germ on it, you will need to reapply that again to kill the germs you just picked up.  The average human will touch their face an average of 2-3 times a minute.  That means over the course of the day you touch your face on average more than 2000 times.  Since most germs and viruses enter your body through your mouths, or nose by way of your hands, it is important to keep your hands germ free

To effectively combat germs with the alcohol brands you would have to apply them 1000’s times if you touch our face more than 2000 times a day.  Alcohol is good at doing another thing too, drying things out.  Applying that much alcohol to your hands will dry them out terribly. Anyone in the healthcare industry knows what that is like. It can lead to cracking, and open cuts on your skin. Then you apply more, and it becomes painful to use.

A great way to protect yourself from the flu and viruses is to use a sanitizer that is alcohol free.  A brand like Prefense also kills 99.9% of germs and is one that once applied will keep you protected for 24 hours.  That’s right it will last you all day or 10 hand washes.  It attaches itself to your skin and kills germs on contact.  Now when you touch a surface that has a virus or germ on it, you are killing it them before you touch your face. PreFense also works as a moisturizer, so that when it is applied with will leave your hands feeling soft. It comes in various sizes so you can keep one in your car, or purse. Larger sizes can be used in the home, and dispensers can be placed on walls for businesses, and high traffic areas.

PreFense hand sanitizer is a great way to protect yourself from the flu. Businesses can protect their employees, and Moms can protect their kids because it is alcohol free, and safe to use.  Do away with alcohol and protect yourself and your family for the whole day.

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