The GoBidet is a simple attachment to your toilet and gives is a bidet function

GoBidetGoBidet is an amazing bathroom tool that encourages good hygiene in toilet use. The device can fit any kind of toilet, whether it is one piece, two piece, elongated or round toilet. It is also available in three finishes, which are chrome, rubbed bronze, and satin. Thus, you are sure to find one that suits the elegance and style of your bathroom

Its basic finishing, which is chrome, is sturdy enough to last quite a number of years.  It is the most ideal option for you if you are looking for a long lasting bidet. The brass material the bidet is made of also assures the product’s quality. But if this does not convince you of the quality of this BioRelief product, the company further guarantees you of the product’s quality by offering a one year warranty.

You might also be delighted to know that like your regular bathroom faucet, it also has switches for hot and cold water. However, if your sole preference is cold water for washing, there’s also one that is available at cheaper price.

Another good thing about GoBidet is that you don’t have to hire anyone or a plumber to do the installation, as it is so easy to install. You can install it yourself by following the instructions that comes with the package.  In fact, the installation process only takes minutes.  So, when your next bathroom visit comes, you’ll be more at ease with this new addition. You’ll be even saving trees as this also would eliminate the need to clean yourself up with tissue paper, and save more money as it is made to last for many years.