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The Stadium Pal Provides the Perfect Solution for Bathroom Humor Gift

Stadium Pal bathroom humor giftWe know. Using the bathroom can be a funny thing. In fact, bathroom humor is pretty darn popular. So when you are stalled for a novel idea, think Stadium Pal and Stadium Gal– they can make perfect gag gifts that are sure to get a laugh out of the ‘potty’s’ guest of honor.Here are just a few instances where portable bathroom device Stadium Pal can be the perfect gift idea:  Over the Hill  It is debatable what age ‘Over the Hill’ is. Some say 40 and some say 50. Some people even make fun of their friends turning the big 3-0 by putting up ‘over the hill’ streamers. No matter what age, the phrase ‘Over the Hill’ is associated with growing old. And, gag gift givers like to bring out the humor in aging. One of the funniest things about getting old is perhaps urinary incontinence. Well- it’s really a serious matter- but one that can be made light of by laughing at it. So when a friend or relative is going ‘Over the Hill” Stadium Pal will make the guest of honor laugh so hard they’d wish they were already wearing it! Office Birthday Parties You know the type. Always late for the morning meeting because they were in the bathroom. They fidget when they are on the phone because they have to pee again. When you can’t seem to find them to get a paper signed, you know where to look. Could it be all the coffee? Trips to the water cooler? Or could they just have an overactive bladder? Either way, there is one in every office. The perfect compliment to a “From All of Us” birthday card is a gag gift that pokes fun at their office bathroom habits. (Nothing wrong with a little office humor.) After the laughter calms, the birthday boy or gal may just say, “You know what, nature calls. Hold the cake!”  Retirement Parties Like ‘Over the Hill,’ retirement is frequently associated with growing old. Although many retire from invested years in one company and still move on in their careers, feeling young and ready, the humor in it is still evident. Stadium Pal is the perfect retirement gift because it ultimately aids in the total relaxation idea. You can even write in the card, “Now you don’t even have to get off the couch!”  Christmas The above section talked about office birthday parties. If you missed their birthday, use that same idea for this gift-giving holiday. Many offices use the ‘pick-a-name’ process, where instead of buying gifts for everyone, you exchange gifts with the person whose name you drew. If you happened to draw the name of the office potty-taker-upper, Stadium Pal is your answer! Or, if you are getting a gift for someone you know like hiking, biking or doing anything that requires endurance, the gift will not only get a chuckle, but it will be practical as well. If you Christmas party at the office is a grab bag type- even better! Someone randomly getting the item will be a hoot- especially if it is the boss!  Get Well When someone is recovering from an illness, surgery or accident we all want our friend, relative or coworker to be well again. Floral arrangements, balloons and cards may invade the hospital room or the home the person is ordered to bed rest. And when someone is recovering, their caregivers will do everything they can for them. Except of course urinate for them. Stadium Pal can make for a practical practical joke gift. Medically, they may need the help to get to the bathroom so this gift is a nice gesture. But, if they have a great sense of humor, they will also find a way to laugh and feel better about their temporary situation.  Inside Jokes Anyone you know have an embarrassing story associated with going to the bathroom? Sleepwalking to relieve themselves, but not in the bathroom? Wetting their pants from laughing too hard or while passed out after a party? This could be the perfect gag gift for a pal for any occasion to remind them of a funny memory. What are old friends for? The Die Hard Fan/Gamer/Internet Junkie Know someone who leave the couch or bean bag chair for no reason- not even a fire- when playing his or her favorite video game, or lan game? Know someone addicted to playing Texas Hold’em online, while holding more than just cards? Know someone who won’t leave the TV room on game day? These are even more situations in which Stadium Pal can be the ideal gag gift! You can drench a friend or loved one with humor by purchasing Stadium Pal as a gag gift. They’ll be ‘relieved’ to know its something they can actually make use of! Order one today online

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