Freedom Catheter Restores Dignity and Independence

Freedom Catheter made of Silicone

Freedom CatheterEvery day more and more people are diagnosed with some form of urinary incontinence. If dealt with poorly this can be incredibly embarrassing, especially as not everyone is aware of all of the support that they can get.

The very first thing that you can look into is using an external catheter. This is a very simple device which simply allows you to do all that you need without any difficult. If you have any form of urinary incontinence, these are an option to using undergarments which can lead to skin break down.

The great thing about external catheters is that they are very discrete. Even if you will not use it daily, it can be something of a safety net. Just knowing that you have an external catheter on should you ever need it can give immediate peace of mind, potentially saving any amount of embarrassment.

If you do find that you need to use it regularly, catheters are carefully designed to ensure that you can use them as much as you need without any difficult. They can be extremely discreet and will easily cater for all of your needs, helping to make them the superior device when it comes to helping anyone with urinary incontinence.

As with anything, there are different brands and types of male external catheters. A Freedom Catheter for example is one of the best out there, produced by Coloplast (formally Mentor) helping you to remain safe in any situation.  The name Freedom Catheter had much to do with the Freedom line of items.  These would include catheters and leg bags that gave men the wanted freedom being able to get on with their lives without worry about the fear of incontinence.

There are two main types of catheters that carry the Freedom name, and each of the two models is specifically designed for different uses. The Freedom Cath has an adhesive lining and is made of 100% Latex , while the Freedom Clear is silicone and is Latex Free. If you experience any allergic reaction to latex then you would want to choose the Freedom Clear.

The Freedom Catheter will be a device you grow to truly love – it can help to restore confidence and dignity and really help you to take back your life.  Living with urinary incontinence can be managed and catheters give you the freedom to do so.

The best thing is that catheters themselves are not very expensive. They help to provide an amazing service for you, and are somewhat of an investment.  Anyone with urinary incontinence would quite happily pay pretty much whatever it takes if they can start to live their life by their rules, and a male external catheter really does help to give this control back to anyone who uses it.

So think about this the next time you are considering catheters. Whether you are buying for yourself or for a loved one, keep in mind that catheters really do play a huge role in helping a person to live their life. They don’t have to worry about knowing where the closest restroom is; as they will know they always have their catheter with them should any emergency arise.

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