Freedom Catheter from Coloplast

Freedom Catheter made of latex

Freedom CatheterThe Freedom Catheter from Coloplast is designed to allow the user a relative amount of freedom in getting around in their normal everyday life. It offers the individual a chance to work, play and have a social existence without the embarrassment of unnecessary accidents happening with urine leakage. This type of catheter is made similar in style to that of a condom, and is called a Male External Catheter or MEC. It is positioned in place by first placing it on the head of the penis then rolling it down the shaft and is kept in place with the  adhesive lining. The catheter is then connected to a drainage tube that allows the urine to run into a collection bag. This is usually attached to the area of the thigh or below the knee where it is discreetly hidden under clothing where it can be emptied when required.

The Freedom Catheter comes as a one piece unit which is made of latex, or silicone both of which are a soft and stretchable design. This gives the wearer as much comfort as possible in the design, while also being as secure as possible with the self adhesive. Wearers that have an allergy to latex products are able to purchase a variety of this design that is 100 percent free from latex which allows men to experience the benefits of this kind of catheter as well. This product, with its watertight self adhesive, is suitable for everyday use as the condom type sheath remains firmly attached and in place allowing the wearer to perform many different types of activities that would otherwise be not suitable for them to perform. This kind of catheter is designed to prevent problems happening with the twisting and kinking that can occur with male externals, which in turn may cause the backup of urine and slipping off of the catheter due to pressure when there is a larger than normal surge of urine.

The Freedom Catheter requires the same amount of cleanliness that is required with the use of other types of catheters. During replacement of the catheter with a fresh one, the area where the catheter has been removed from should be washed with soap and water and dried thoroughly with a clean, soft towel before applying a new catheter. The area should also be check at this time for any inflammation and where any is present it may require checking by a doctor who is familiar with the situation. This can help to minimize any urinary tract infection that could occur where there may be a build up of bacteria. Making sure the right sized catheter is used is also of importance as this minimizes constriction of the penis where the device is too, or too lose which can lead to leakages where the device may be too large of a fit. The sizes range from small, medium, intermediate to large which should be of help in finding the correct size to apply.

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