Football Season is here and so is Tailgating

Tailgating Porta PottyFootball season is once again upon us.  Over the next 5 months millions of people all over the country will be tailgating at high school, college and NFL football games.  It has become a ritual for many families.  It’s a time for bonding with family and friends and to make new friendships with fellow fans.

Many people find that tailgating is the best part of the experience.  It becomes a big party in parking lots and in fields.  There is so much planning that goes into it that websites like The American Tailgater give people ideas on how to make their party the ultimate experience.

It also goes without saying that people do like to drink when they are tailgating.  And this always leads to people needing to use the restroom.  No one likes to share a restroom with thousands of strangers if they don’t have to.  If people have been drinking and use public restroom, or porta potties chances are they are not that sanitary. Something like a tailgating porta potty allows any group of people their own private portable restroom.

So when people are playing corn hole, beer pong or any other types of drinking games the game won’t get interrupted for long periods of time while people go to stand in the restroom line.  More important is that now women won’t have to worry about seating on a dirty toilet seat or trying to hover over the top of it.

When it comes to kids, again it is a great way to avoid a dirty restroom, and teach the importance of cleanliness when it comes time to clean up.  So the next time you find yourself standing in a long port o let line ask yourself if you really want to bet there.  The time it took you to walk to the lines you could have been in and out if you had used your own private Tailgating Porta Potty.

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