New Product Alert: Our Fabric Leg Straps with Buttons

Wearing a leg bag can be hard, but it gets easier when you can manage it yourself as part of a routine. New products help, like these fabric leg straps with buttons.

No matter the situation, the more independence anyone has when it comes to time in the toilet room, the better. Everyone wants to be able to manage this on their own as much as possible, without discomfort or potential embarrassment. Having the most useful tools, advice, and support are a real relief, especially if you are new to catheter leg bags, and are a bit nervous.

There is a new product that can make attaching a leg bag much easier.

Biorelief Post - Fabric Fitz All Leg Bag Straps

What makes dealing with leg bags a struggle?

Worry about attaching the bag and wearing it comfortably are issues for anyone new to using a bag. New bags come with thin, latex straps that make the bag ready to use, but they are not comfortable or sturdy. The straps get sweaty and wet, and they are too thin. If the leg bag is something that you don’t need to wear often, this may not be an issue for you, but if a urinary leg bag is a part of your daily needs, then the thin latex straps are probably an issue.

Fabric leg straps with buttons

A new product from Fitz-All makes it easy to attach and adjust the bag. They are made of elasticated fabric with Velcro and attached and secure with buttons. One look at these straps and it is clear that they will be more comfortable and will give users a sense of security in their use. They are wider, softer, and they won’t pinch.

Why choose these leg straps?

There are significant benefits to attaching the leg bag in an improved way. These bags can hold a large amount of urine through the day, and the bag does get heavy. Wearing the bag for an extended time as it gets heavy can cause a few problems. It’s a good idea to have a strap that can better distribute the weight, and reduce the risk of bruising, sores, and restricted circulation.

An added accessory, but…

The fabric leg straps with buttons are much more convenient. They are an extra accessory, but they are reusable and washable. They fit everyone, they are adjustable, and they are reasonably priced. The fabric is a mix of cotton and elastic and have a Velcro closure which means that they can fit around the leg with easy adjustments. They are machine and hand washable and very durable. The buttons on the straps are large and work with most vinyl disposable leg bags.

When you need things to be easier to deal with on a daily basis, find a way to make things work. Look for accessories that make things easier. Urination, bladder control and leakage go on through the day and night and for some, this is a way of life. If you live with incontinence for any reason, it is a big comfort to have products like this one to better manage your needs. Make it better for yourself with products that help so you can wear the bag in comfort.

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