EZwee Urination Cup An Alternative to the Bedpan

EZwee Urination CupThe EZwee Urination Cup helps to take care of those pressing urinary needs you have to attend to when you can hardly move a notch. Getting sick and being hospitalized is a tough time, and it’s made even tougher when you have to go about your daily habits of digesting and of course expelling what you have ingested.

Gone are the days of peeing into an aluminum bedpan while you’re confined in your bed. Instead, you get to pee into a plastic cup with an elongated tube at the end, with a rim that allows flexibility and zero possibility of spillage as it allows enough room for you to place your reproductive organ (for males) inside while having enough coverage to eliminate the possibility of spills or side sprinkles, splattering on places you wouldn’t want your urine to be.

The product is not just for men, as it can also be used by women by merely removing the rim of the cup, allowing it to be finely placed according to the female organ. From the cup the urine travels through a tube and is then collected in the bag attached to it. However, this does not come with the urination device. You can choose between a night time drainage bag which can mean unlimited peeing privileges, or the urine collection bag which is ideal when you’re in transit.

The EZwee Urination Cup is so versatile that you can even use it while sitting down or standing up, whichever position you are most comfortable with. Thus, it makes a great addition to your home, especially when you’re taking care of your elderly parents.

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