Excessive use of Toilet Paper clogs Pipes in Homes

BB-1000 Bidet Toilet SeatToilet paper seems to be a pretty harmless, safe thing to have around the house. Or so one would think. It does, in fact, present more than just one risk to one’s families health.

Apart from the soreness, itching and whatever else it can cause to sensitive areas, the fact that it is often used in excess to ensure these areas are cleaned properly presents another risk, namely that of blocked pipes.

Toilet paper is bio-degradable, obviously, but the degradation process usually does take some time. Even the paper that so readily disintegrates when being placed into damp areas ultimately gathers in great lumps and sits in the pipes waiting for disaster to strike.

This problem is most commonly experienced by families with children. Why? Because we tell them to make sure they clean themselves properly. As a result, they often use rolls and rolls of toilet paper, just to make sure every last little bit of the unmentionable gets removed.

They then spend half an hour trying to flush it away and, at least for the moment, all seems well. But the paper will lurk just round the u-bend, waiting for the next lot to arrive.

Anyone who has ever had to deal with a blocked toilet and the potential mess this can cause will agree that the prospect is not a nice one. Apart from the general unpleasantness, the health risk is also substantial, even with the obvious use of gloves to clean up the mess and clear the pipes.

Depending where the blockage is, it may even be necessary to call out a plumber. This is not only embarrassing, it can also get costly.

For families using a septic tank, the potential dangers are even more serious. Here, the risk not only involves their home, but also the countryside around them.

Overflowing septic tanks or sludge being forced out through the baffles can have serious environmental consequences. The risks and costs involved are vast.

So, what can a family do to protect themselves against such disasters? Using less toilet paper is a step closer to a solution, but even smaller quantities can occasionally be enough to cause such problems.

The personal problems toilet paper can cause through skin reactions are also not solved through this. The safest way to prevent sore behinds all round and stop pipes from becoming blocked is to stop using toilet altogether and instead use an electronic bidet for the family’s personal hygiene needs.

By cleaning everyone’s rears thoroughly with warm water, although especially young children may have to be accompanied at least to begin with, bidets ensure health and perfect freshness all round. Warm air prevents those delicate areas from becoming sore from dampness, too.

Not only will the whole family consequently feel much better, blocked pipes resulting from too much toilet paper being used will also become a thing of the past. That is one past memory no-one will ever really miss or look back on with warm and longing nostalgic feelings.

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