Enuresis and Wetting the Bed

Enuresis and Incontinence Problems

nite-trainr-wet-call-bedwetting-alert for enuresisEnuresis is one of the most common conditions causing problems for children and adults to hold urine. It usually occurs at night, and this version of the condition is called nocturnal Enuresis. Passing urine involuntarily while sleeping is more common among children, who don’t have the system in their brain set up to control urine when they are unconscious. It is more common among boys than girls. This also occurs in older age, and there is no specific reason doctors can name, other than stress and some psychical conditions.

Children’s bedwetting

It is important to know that no specific cause of children’s bedwetting and it usually goes away by itself. Enuresis among small children is common, and it is important to know that it is not the child’s fault. The urine the kidneys produce is more than the amount that can be held in the bladders. The sensation is not strong enough to wake the child up, and that is why they wet their bed.

If you would like to make sure that you are reducing the occurrences of Enuresis, you might want to consider the following:

  • Stress does increase the occurrences of bed wetting, so simply talking to your child about their fears or worries can help.
  •  Avoid soda and other drinks containing caffeine, as they will irritate the bladder and increase the rate kidneys work at night.
  • Constipation can also contribute towards bedwetting, as it will irritate the back of the bladder.
  • Check if your child has an ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, as it will also contribute towards the condition.

Adults’ Bedwetting

You might not think that bedwetting among adults is quite common. It affects one in 100 people. Some people have an overactive bladder; others have nerve injuries that prevent the sensation to reach the brain when they are sleeping. No matter what causes the nocturnal Enuresis, it needs prevention and it is something that should be investigated. Some people do not like staying over at their friends because of this problem; others withdraw from relationships in case their new partner will find out.

Adult Enuresis can also cost a substantial amount of money. Preventive products and washing bedding, changing mattresses can be expensive. It is advisable to visit a doctor or continence specialist nurse to find out more about the cause of this condition. There is loads of help available, and although the exact reason for bedwetting can’t always be established, it is a condition that people can live with.

Bedwetting Solutions

Whether the problem is transitory or permanent, bladder control alarms, such as the Nite Train-r® Wet Call, provides the caregiver a means of knowing when loss of urinary control has occurred. This medically proven, safe alarm device alerts parents, attendants, nurses, or other staff members and caregivers that assistance is required. Powered by a single 9-volt battery, the moisture sensitive pad causes a small electronic box to sound at the volume desired.

Simply place the Nite Train-r under dry bedding or in a pillowcase, with the black sensing strips facing upward, on any size bed. The alarm is them connected and can be easily tested so that both caregiver and the person who needs bedwetting protection knows exactly what sound to expect when the bed becomes wet. The box that creates the alert can be placed on a bedrail or pinned to the sheet or a pajama top easily. Volume has a high or low adjustment to ensure everyone’s comfort.

Prevent the embarrassment, shame, degradation and psychological problems incontinence adult patients or children that wet the bed experience. Let your loved one know you love them enough to respond to their physical incontinence needs during the night and prevent your guilt over allowing someone to lie in a wet bed longer than necessary. Your child, handicapped patient, elderly parent or other person needing your help will thank you again and again.


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