Eliminating the Fear of Catheter Removal

Adhesive remover to help with Catheter Removal

Adhesive Remover Wipes for catheter removalFor many people, catheters are life-changing devices that allow them to carry on with their day to day lives as comfortable as possible. Obviously this is inherently difficult for anyone suffering from any kind of urinary problems, so it is important to make sure that the catheters themselves are as user-friendly as possible.

Unfortunately this is not always easy to do – catheters themselves can be quite tricky at times, so using them is not always easy. With time anyone can get the hang of how best to begin to use them and how best to remove them – but getting there can be a difficult journey.

As such, looking on as many guides as possible can be a great way to begin to figure out certain tricks for different catheters. Catheter removal can be a daunting task at first, but with proper training and education become a task that is 2nd nature.

The problem with certain catheters is the fact that their removal can be difficult. Especially with straight catheters or Foley’s, these are directly inserted into the body, and can cause damage to the urethra if not done properly.  External catheters can at times leave an adhesive residue which can be difficult to remove.

But catheter removal can be easy – as previously mentioned you will begin to understand it as time goes by, it is just important to try your best to begin with. If you are using a more difficult device such as a Foley catheter, then the best way to figure out removal is to simply ask a medical professional.

It is likely that they will have shown you the best way to do this already, but if you are stuck as to how best to do so then simply contact them again. They will be more than happy to show you the best way to take care of yourself when using a catheter, simply because you, as the patient, are the most important person.

A lot of people tend to feel embarrassed when it comes to asking for help from a doctor or medical professional, especially when they have already been shown how to do what they are asking. This is only compounded by the fact that catheter removal itself can potentially be embarrassing to talk about and demonstrate, but your doctor is more than happy to help you in any way that they can.

Simply phone them up and ask to be shown the best ways to remove your catheter, as they often have people asking them how to do things that they already have been shown. There is no reason at all to feel embarrassed about asking, as any doctor or medical professional only wants to make sure that you are doing okay and that you have everything you need.

As such, if you do ever need any medical help then don’t be afraid to go and simply ask for it. Any doctor will be happy to help.

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