Do You Have a Stadium Pal?

Great example of how the Stadium Pal could have saved the day for men at Wrigley Field

Stadium Pal Kit MiniDuring Opening Day at Wrigley Field there were over over 35,000 fans in attendance to see the Cubs play against the Cardinals. Not only was there a huge amount of fans in attendance to the game, but some of the restrooms were shut down due to construction and flooding. Thousands of fans and not enough restrooms could only mean one thing, a sticky restroom situation. Restroom lines were so astronomically long that fans had no choice but to use makeshift restrooms out of cups, corners, and anywhere else they saw fit to relive themselves. If more fans knew about our Stadium Pal, they would have never needed to get out of their seats and wait in those terrible lines. Our Stadium Pal is a portable urinal that is worn on the inner calf. It can allow instant relief while not worrying about those terrible restroom lines, as exhibited at Wrigley Field during the Opening Game! Do yourself a favor and invest in a Stadium Pal today! Read the full article of the Wrigley Field Opening Day debacle here. Contact us today if you have any questions about the Stadium Pal.

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