Disadvantages of cleaning with dry toilet paper

Cleaning with dry toilet paper is not the answer

Dry toilet paper is not the same as a Bidet Toilet SeatAlthough many people continue to use dry toilet paper, I think most will agree that it is not the most effective way to do so. We all know that water is the most effective way to clean our bodies and when it comes to cleaning up after bowl movements it is therefore your only guarantee that the job is done effectively.

Dry paper depending on the brand is often uncomfortable to use. You could try wetting the tissue to soften it but this can be tricky too, water and tissue paper is never a good combination. Toilet paper can be awkward at times and I’m sure most will relate to situations where it has broken up or stuck to you whilst you try to clean up after bowl movements, if this happens while you’re out in public places and no water is at hand, it can be very frustrating trying to rectify the situation. If you think this is a difficult situation for you, think how it must be for the elderly, handicapped and others who are not so self sufficient.

Dry toilet paper can often leave you feeling sore down below as its texture can be quite rough against your delicate areas, especially with excessive rubbing. If you are currently suffering from any problems such as hemorrhoids, or piles, dry toilet paper can only aggravate the condition even more. If you are currently free from infection, rash or irritation by using dry toilet paper you are putting yourself at risk of getting one. Let me explain! Irritations can occur when dry toilet paper has not thoroughly cleaned you, over time this can lead to the growth of bacteria resulting in infection. Dry paper is a good way to spread these bacteria around as it cannot kill them, just move them around. To continue with dry toilet paper after infection as occurred can result in extreme itching and possible bleeding as those sensitive areas continue to be irritated. Although these scenarios do not happen to everyone, I’m sure many can relate to problems caused by using dry toilet paper. I bet many have not even realized that it was the dry paper that could have caused the problem! Another point worth making is that toilet paper is bleached to give it that lovely color; it didn’t always look like that! Some are even perfumed. It may look pretty in your bathroom but those chemicals can only increase your risk of irritation.

Let’s balance things out; we have talked about the disadvantages so let’s talk about the advantages of using dry toilet paper!

Dry toilet paper can be very convenient when you’re out in public places and you have no other option but to use it.

Anything else!

Allergic to water maybe!

The most effective way to make sure you are clean is by using water.  It is what you use to clean your hands and body.  A Bidet Toilet Seat are a great why to help promote the cleanliness we are all looking for.

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