Different Types of External Catheter Male Style

An External Catheter Male style you wouldn’t expect

external Catheter male style liberty When a man has difficulties with leakage of urine, also known as incontinence, this can make his life a somewhat difficult at times. There are a number of ways that you can make your life much better, especially if you are a person who enjoys working, likes to play sports, appreciates being able to venture into the outdoors, or may like to socially mix with friends or other people you know. An external catheter male style would offer you a chance to improve your lot in life and be able to resume a more comfortable lifestyle once again.

An external catheter male style is mostly like a condom and is often applied similar to the way a condom would be. There is also another type which is similar in idea to a condom but isn’t attached on the penis as a condom would be, but is only attached to the glans penis this is the section on the end of the penis. This external catheter is suitable for men who have a retracted penis, and is also suitable for men who have the foreskin still attached, (The foreskin being the piece of skin removed during circumcision).

These products are made from materials such as silicone, Teflon and latex. Some men may develop an allergy to latex, so having these products made from other types of materials is useful. The external catheter in the condom style is attached by rolling the piece up and over the glans penis and onto the body of the penis. It is then attached with self adhesive products, Velcro straps, or strips of adhesive. A tube is then attached to this which runs to a collection bag held in place on the person’s thigh or calf with a leg band. The individual is able to empty this when the need arises. The wearer is also required to change this type of condom product after 24 hours of use or sooner if required to minimize infections and inflammation. Once the used product is removed the penis is then washed with soap and water to remove bacterial contamination, and rinsed well and dried with a soft towel. The new external catheter is then applied.

The other external catheter male style is the Liberty product and although similar in idea to the condom catheter, it is only designed in shape to fit on the head of the penis. The piece attaches to the glans penis and is made in a similar shape to a flower, this fits over the penis’s end and is attached in place with an adhesive product.  A tube is then attached to the catheter which runs into a urine collection bag. This bag is often fitted to the thigh or leg, and is held in place with a leg strap. Once the collection bag is full it can then be emptied. The same amount of cleanliness is required with this product as to that of the condom style. When wearing the condom type product it is important to have the correct fitting which can minimize health problems that may occur with one that is too tight, or leakages with those that are too big.

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