Coloplast Award Winning Conveen Optima

Conveen Optima Male External CatheterMale urinary incontinence affects millions of men, both young and old, around the world. Although it is a problem that does become more common in older individuals, spinal cord injuries, neurological conditions, prostrate surgery and an array of other medical conditions all represent typical causes of incontinence even in young men.

While effectively a health problem, without proper incontinence management it can also become a social problem. Many sufferers feel unable to go out or perform their normal daily activities for fear of embarrassing accidents.

This no longer has to be a problem with the award winning Conveen Optima male external catheter designed by Coloplast. This one piece sheath is made from 100% silicone, meaning there is no risk of allergies caused by latex and the skin is allowed to breathe easily during wear. The skin-friendly, reliable adhesive ensures secure hold and further prevents skin irritation.

Users are advised, however, to wear each of these sheaths for no longer than 24 hours to prevent infections caused by bacteria leaving the body being collected. In any case, the clear material makes it possible to inspect the skin and ensure there are no threatening build-ups or skin problems without having to remove the sheath.

A double grip strip allows easy and smooth roll-on application to provide a secure fit for any of the four sizes and two styles provided. Comfort and security are further aided by an anti-leak system that provides triple protection through sure grip ribs and a push ring to allow safe connection to the separate drainage bag, as well as anti kink bellows.

These bellows prevent kinks within the material, which is flexible enough to allow complete freedom of movement, thereby ensuring constant drainage is not obstructed.

There is little wonder why the Conveen Optima won the Award for Medical Design Excellence in 2007. It provides male sufferers from incontinence with an opportunity to return to a normal, full and active life without fear of embarrassment.

Its reputation is, in fact, so well regarded and widespread, that incontinence sufferers are no longer the only people taking advantage of this effective, discreet solution.

Another widespread use of the Coveen Optima male external catheter is as an aid to individuals who, for whatever reason, are prevented from visiting restrooms for extended periods of time. Long distance rally drivers, for instance frequently make use of male external catheters.

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