Causes Of Fecal Incontinence In Men

Understanding Issues that Many are Afraid to Address

Incontinence in men –

 Is a medical condition that causes an inability to be able to hold waste matter within the body by the related muscles. Incontinence can be referred to as urinary or fecal, and can be an extremely distressing condition for sufferers with the loss of control over bowel movements. Developed usually later in life, this condition can be brought on by a number of related conditions and stresses, and can be either mild or extreme depending on the individual.

Some of the conditions that may cause fecal incontinence are as followed. Prolonged constipation can cause complications with the constant stretching of muscles which overtime may cause muscle weakness resulting in a loss of bowel control.

Nerve damage is also another reason why fecal leakage may be present in men. Nerves within the body help keep the body’s system functioning at full health. When a nerve that is connected to the bowel is damaged, an individual may lose control over this region resulting in leakage. Nerve damage can be caused by a number of conditions which includes stroke, diabetes, nerve degeneration diseases, prolonged constipation, and multiple sclerosis.

Muscle damage can also cause fecal leakage in men later in life. Some reasons why the muscles may become damaged can be due to a medical condition such as a tumor that is attached to the anus or rectum wall. Surgery is another problem that may cause muscles to become damaged. Surgery to remove clots, tumors or other foreign or life threatening objects may result in the cutting of the muscles within the anus that may never heal properly.

A loss in the rectums storage capacity can also cause fecal incontinence in men. In a healthy person the rectum is able to stretch and hold the waste matter until it is voluntarily released. Damage to this area can cause the rectum to lose its elasticity and become stiff, unable to hold the waste matter after a certain point. Radiation treatment, rectal surgery, and inflammatory bowel disease are just some of the conditions that may cause this type complication.

Irritable bowel syndrome or Crohn’s disease can also cause complications with fecal incontinence in men. Both these diseases cause inflammation in the bowel that leaves the body unable to hold onto the waste matter. These diseases are quiet common in many adults. Irritable bowel syndrome, although there is no cure, is said to be helped with a change of lifestyle that reduces stress, a change in dietary intake, and prescribed medication from a health care professional. Both these diseases can cause long term and even chronic complications for sufferers in the later stages of life.

Other causes may include seizures, drug use, fecal impaction, and in some cases anal penetration that may be related to a sexual matter. Fecal incontinence can be distressing for any sufferers whether mild or severe. If you suspect you have fecal incontinence, it is recommended that you should seek medical advice to help control and live with this condition more freely.

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